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I miss it bros

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What happened to your Harbor Freight?

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lmfao me too bro

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I miss when they actually had good deals
When they excluded Chicago Electric from the 20% it was all over
The best part of harbor freight was buying the horizontal bandsaw for 200$ or the 20 ton press for 150$
Now that shit is double the price

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I don't understand how people can be nostalgic for buying trash.

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coupons are back bros.

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I actually got in on all the good deals with HF before it went to shit. The 25% off coupons on the 4th of July and Easter were the best. Used one on their little 6x26 knee mill clone. And a couple more on their 50 ton presses (really nice units btw) and a few other big ticket items that I can't even recall...

I bought all the cheap Chinese tools I could ever need when the getting was good, did most of my big buys during the period eligible for their class action lawsuit and got a shit load of gift cards back from them over that deal. (All those gift cards except for the last one was maxed out at $250) And now I mostly don't need anything from there anymore.

I played my hand with HF perfectly...

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HF hasn't been trash in more than 5 years.

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Since a lot of their tools are copied straight from existing designs and brands and many allegey superior tools are made in china, the main issue in many cases is quality control
It's simply not true that every single unit of some product is "trash", you can get perfectly good ones that work fine and last as long as anything else.
It's a gamble, but the payoff is that you can save a ton of money, and unlike games of pure chance if you do your homework and don't get greedy or stupid you can pick winners and avoid sucker deals with decent accuracy.
The brand names that have their stuff made in china just do better quality control to weed out the worst stuff that anyone with half a brain can do and charge you for it, and rely on people assuming that the brand name means quality to get them to let their guard down when it comes to the homework and not getting greedy part. That way they can offer Stanley screwdriver set that's as shitty or worse than HF, charge a small percentage more but still far less than their high quality ones cost, and suckers bite on it because hurr durr,, muh name brand that's not HF "trash:

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Since I said i mostly don't need anything from there anymore, I of course had to put in a HF order this morning...

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