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Hi all.
My brothers and I came up with an idea for the next time we rally. We want to build a G-Force / Centrifuge type contraption. We have ran through a few ideas but this one seems to be perhaps the simplest.
Ideally, we get a heavy plate and weld some type of gear box to it. On top of that will be a large arm with a counter weight on one end and a seat on the other to throw you outward. Any ideas that could work better? Or design flaws I may be missing.

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So what is your idea?

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This is the idea. Build a centrifuge to experience like 7 G's

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Ok, but that is THE way centrifuges are built, as in for NASA or airforce.
You have expressed a desire for something, not an actual idea about how to make it happen. You have not provided a design in which to point out flaws.

What will support the weigth of the arm turning? You need some massive bearings.
Are you rich enough to waste this kind of money? Do you have experience building steel structures? What will make it turn? what is "some kind of gearbox"?

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Have you made the initial calculations about arm length and turning speed to achieve desired max G load?
With that you could then design a structure able to withstand that stress, then have an idea of how much that would weight and then look for suitable bearings.
How about acceleration? how much power do you need? will the seat turn in the arms end, so the pilot doesn't feel lateral forces?
How about braking? if the "pilot" blacks out, how will you stop the arm quickly to provide assistance?


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Seems like you're overcomplicating this, Anon.

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