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So I had a pretty dumb idea.
So basically I take a 40ft shipping container, weld in the floor, doors, windows, and staircase inside of it. Weld on most of the catwalk, then trailer it over to the site and bury like 6-8ft of it in a bunch of concrete sticking right up out the ground like pic related.

Are containers even strong enough to free stand? Will the constant wind forces fatigue the metal?
Will it fatigue and break up the concrete?
Will my county come and tell me to remove it?

I probably won't do it as it costs a lot and I probably can't even put in half the effort to see it through, but the idea of a comfy small lookout tower I can pop into for a night or two sounds like good to me.

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You are absolutely right, that is a pretty dumb idea.
By the time you buy the container, have someone dig the 20 yd of dirt out, pay $100 yd for concrete, hire a crane to come set it up, and buy all the steel to make a catwalk you will have tens of thousands of dollars in a shitty container sticking out of the ground.
If you are dead set on a lookout tower bury 4 poles, frame up a floor, and build a ladder. Don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

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