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I've never made anything out of wood before, but I want to make a small keepsake box for a close friend for their birthday. I know jack shit about anything to do with building things. Any ideas?

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Go to Reddit you redditfag this isn't r/mademesmile

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I'm sorry that you've never cared about another person in your life

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What tools do you have access to?

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You could buy a small miter box with a saw, and wood glue is very strong. Draw out your plans for what you want it to look like, then build the pieces. Figure what kind of fasteners you'd like to use (woodglue like I said would work well for a small box like this) and an easy route would be to buy two very small hinges and to fix the lid to the actual box itself. Good luck anon.

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This. draw it out and design it carefully. maybe even use CAD - you don't need to but why not.

What tools you have will matter a lot. What are you working with? Also are you trying to bone this "close family friend"? If so I've tried to use wooden boxes to get out of the friendzone and it doesn't work.

use hardwood - don't try to do it in pine. although you'd learn a bunch from doing a cheap pine practice version and maybe prevent some mistakes on the good hardwood one.

study up on what finish you want (stain/varnish) and follow the directions. Don't layer hard finishes over soft finishes.

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