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Is it hard to re-sod a lawn? i got a quote from somebody said they'd do it for 4k but that seems like a lot. i could probably save a few thousand just by doing it myself but i'd have to rent the tiller and roller. is it a bitch to do it? also the sides of the yard might be impossible to get with a rotary tiller so im guessing i'd need to just use a shovel or something

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Sod is 9.00 afor 8 square feet at home depot or 28.00 for 100 at the sod farm same distance from my house you do the math.

I bought a few hundred square feet, put it down in the kids area, doing great, just water it.

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Helped my brother in-law sod his yard. It was a new development and the site had shitty clay soil so we had to put a top layer of the good stuff first, but actually laying sod is kind of a no brainer. Literally looked up vids on how to do it on my way to help.


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You can just scatter seeds and water them.

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literally just did it myself yesterday. took maybe 2 hours including cutting, removal, fitting and installation but granted I was only fixing about 80 sqft of dead lawn. not so pro tip: a sawzall with a very short wood blade is fantastic at cutting sod so you don't have to saw at the dirt with a kitchen knife for an hour, just make sure you don't cut any sprinkler lines!

90c per sqft? God damn. round these parts you can get it for 50c at the nursery and 20-30c for 1-2 day old clearance and I live in a major urban city.

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