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I'm removing the AC from my '85 RX-7. What's the best way to get rid of the freon? My best idea is to just cut one of the hoses. Am I retarded?

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Line up those screws on the battery a little better and the problem will fix itself.

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Those are bolts, not screws you absolute buffoon

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That is illegal. Take it to a shop. And think twice before you post on a glow nigger honeypot forum that you plan to commit a crime. retard.

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Chances are if the AC doesn't work, it's all leaked out over the years anyway. Just open the line, you probably will get little if anything coming out.

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Just vent the Freon who cares*

(To all alphabet and law enforcement agencies, this post is a JOKE and in
no way condones these actions)

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You're a disgrace and you're making a mess. Leave the car original. Fucking channel lock using plebian.
>inb4 muh weight savings
>inb4 muh performance
you're commiting yourself and future owners to finding odd non standard v-belts and/or dealing with the hard to find and expensive delete pulley. did you delete the fan also so you can overload the electrical system with muh electric fans for the same reasons? enjoy your headlights dimming when they kick in and not being able to recharge your battery fully because of the extra current draw. fucking ricer modders just piss me off. /end rant

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Take it to a shop with a machine

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>What's the best way to get rid of the freon?
Go to a shop with an evacuator. They may not even charge you with how expensive the refrigerant is.

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if it's still charged and you think or know its an r12 charge, you can make a couple bucks selling it.

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I work in hvac for a living, dude its literally the smallest charge an ac system can have. The percentage allowed to leak per year in larger systems is way more than a car. Vent that bitch, dont be a pussy. Cut a hole into it in your garage who the fuck is going to see you do it or prove you did it?

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>Mfw people take perfectly good freon they already paid for and vent it.
>It's free
>Throw it away
Smdh venting perfectly good freon.

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I took the fan off because I'm replacing the radiator you dense tard

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I can't take it to a shop because it currently has no radiator on it and I want to take the AC out while the radiator is off

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While I'm not going to tell you to do something illegal on the honeypot forum, I do think the laws are ridiculous. That AC system contains as much refrigerant as a couple cans of pic related, and that's perfectly legal to spray into the atmosphere all day long.

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Technically they are hex head cap screws, so I guess he is right and you are the moron.

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Pointy= screw
Not pointy=bolt
Get the fuck off my board larper

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I work for a fastener company, and you are a retard. Brush the cheeto dust off your keyboard and Google it. Educate yourself before you go around being so proudly wrong about things you don't know.

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Fuck off screwfag, I don't give a shit

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>What's the best way to get rid of the freon?
I found a "mobile mechanic" guy on craigslist to come do it in my driveway.
Cost maybe $50 or something, I don't recall exactly. Wasn't exactly cheap for five minutes of work, but I went to bed that night with the peace of mind that I was being environmentally responsible.

Then I proceeded to pull all the smog exhaust recirculation shit off the car and put on a bigger carburetor. So I suppose I'm net negative on the environmental impact, with all the CO and CO2 I'm spewing.
But at least I didn't release those CFCs!

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