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How do i make that ?
I don't know the parts name in my language and the shops/hardware stores dont seem to sell materials like that + the planks looks all treated with products and shit.

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Hanging shelves/Floating shelves? Or are you just referring to the type of wood used for these sorts of shelves?

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These are veneered chipboard shapes filled with cardboard, not actual solid wood. If you want wood like that go chop down a tree, or go to a timber yard and find some joists that arent also made from OSB.
The metal part is easy, buy some steel, learn to weld. Paint.
Job done.

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For the metal parts, go to a metal supply shop. Also, get a small welder.

Those wood parts look like cardboard honeycomb covered in paper. You could do so much better by going to a lumber yard and getting some nice boards.

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Hell if you keep your eyes open you can find boards with great character on the side of the road.

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