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Upstairs neighbour flooded my unit half a year ago and the apt still has a strong rotten wood smell. Landlord won't do anything about it.

The water is cleared but there's still a smell and no visible mold. There are some brown spots on the ceiling and I'm pretty sure the drywall is crumbling because there's cracks all over my unit.

The rental market here is crazy, if I move out I'll pay atleast an extra $1000 a month for a similar unit but I'm 'locked in' to a cheaper price. It's cheaper for me to fix my unit than it is to move out. I've been sitting on the idea of hiring a mold-tester company to come and test, and then forcing my landlord to deal with the mold by calling bylaw but I'm not sure if it's a waste of time because there's no visible mold and they're pricy.

How can I make the apartment more livable? I bought a can of mold killing primer and some paint. Any other tips?

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Can't help with mold testing; but a good whitewash (Lyme + water) will get you better results than any primer.
It will kill mold, strengthen the wood, and still allow it any remaining moisture trapped in there to escape.

Also might want to get a good heater and dry it out first.

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Carpets and esp. Padding will hold that shit. The point of testing is its not always obvious, you might be able to get a DIY test kit from hardware store. Also not all mold is harmful.

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