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Can you build a ~2,000 sq ft home for $150,000 or less in the Midwest? I would do some of the lighter work (floors, painting, etc.) by myself to save money. I plan on contacting a few builders I work with to ask them, but I'm wondering if any of you have experience with this. I'm looking at getting a bigger plot of land in a rural area so I have more room to store my tools so I would be building it there.

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Yes but farther away from big cities. That would cover just the house not the land. If you do build go with 2x6 exterior walls not 2x4 it is a little more but you will get way more insulation which is nice in the winter. Farm areas suck you can find a place that has lots of forest and lakes and streams and you are all set. Right now is fucked as wood and materials are not as plentiful which makes construction much more expensive.

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Doable, but a budget of $75/sqft for a new home might be a bit tight so do anything you can yourself.

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No fucking way. $75 a sq/ft for a house? You can't even buy the material for 150k to build a 2000 sq.ft home. You're looking at a minimum of $175 Plus a sq/ft. Framing, Electric, HVAC, Plumbing, Foundation, Windows, Insulation, Siding/Brick, drywall/taping, grading/driveway, Kitchen cab, washrooms and the list goes on. A decent kitchen faucet costs $250-300 and that's just an ok one, nothing fancy. I didn't even get into the finish like tile, carpet, hardwood floors, doors, trim, etc and even the cost of paint. JC, paint costs $25 a gallon minimum.

I would budget at least 300k for a average 2000 sq/ft house and that's with you doing a shit ton of work.

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Before covid probably but materials are up like 20% or more

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Have you never been to the midwest or have you never left the big cities? That is doable.
>A decent kitchen faucet costs $250-300 and that's just an ok one, nothing fancy.
And the no frills plain jane faucet that does the job and nothing else will cost you $60. You can save a lot of many if you are a little more practical.

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Thanks to clownworld, lumber prices are insane, and money printer means everyone who knows how to do it is booked out from now to kingdom come with high profit mcmansion jobs. Nobody except incompetent mexicans fresh from walking around the 3 mile border wall will want to come and work on your cheapskate mess while you're jewing them down every nickel.

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Maybe with cheap material. T1 siding, shingle roof, etc. Not really though.

I did a 1400 sqft house for $150k not including land, utilities, etc but it also has a metal roof, cedar siding, etc. You're talking 50% more sqft and with higher material costs now especially lumber.

I'd build smaller like I did. Property taxes are annoying. Good luck.

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What kind of fucking garbage do they build in the MidWest? Do your Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Framers, etc work for minimum wage? Fucking couldn't build a chicken coop for $75 a sq/ft.

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Cost of living is cheap and so everything is cheaper including supplies and wages are lower. Do you have zero experience in the world? Also, good amount of the supplies are fairly local and do not need to be shipped far, which lowers the cost even more. Most of our food is grown/raised in the midwest, so once again, cheap. My monthly expenses are about $750 a month. You can live comfortably on $25K a year here.

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Are you a fucking retard? Your Walmart is no less expensive than my Walmart. Your HD charges the same for a 2 x 4 as my HD.

You're fucking retarded and that is why you think you can build what you call a house for $75 a sq/ft. Anywhere else in the USA they would call it a garage or a chicken coop. 25k a year in Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas is poverty level you Fucking ape...even in the midwest.

Now go make believe somewhere else you fucking schizo....

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I bought a prefab chicken coop for $10 sq ft

Your stoned but I agree materials are double now

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>Are you a fucking retard? Your Walmart is no less expensive than my Walmart. Your HD charges the same for a 2 x 4 as my HD.
Contractors do not buy materials at HD in these parts, as a lumber producing region you can go right to the mill as long as you are buying by the bunk, but they will not deliver unless you buy a trailer full and have fork lift to unload it. The local Builders supply is not much more expensive and will deliver. HD struggles to survive here, actually I am not even sure they are still open, only been there once. Never been to Walmart. Believe it or not, the entire country does not shop at the same few chain stores, the only chain I ever go to is the grocery store and that is a tiny chain, not even a dozen stores. Midwest is filled with small chains, for many things like food they can undersell the national chains since they can exploit local supply chain better. We have no major chain grocery stores in town, we have a Cub, but that is not exactly a major chain. Major chains are largely in the big cities, I can not even remember the last time I shopped at one.

>25k a year in Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas is poverty level you Fucking ape...even in the midwest.
Poverty line is 12k single person household, $26k would be a family of 4. $25k is about the average starting wage here for a full time job for someone with no skills and all but the most inept should be able to double that in a few years once they have some skills. You can live comfortably on $25k a year here, does not matter where the line is, does not make it any less comfortable.

Have you ever even left your parents house?

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