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Hello anons I'm a poor fly over fag from muttland. When I was in high school, my wealthier friend and his family took me to the Bahamas (long live the pirate republic BTW). While there it started a infatuation with the Caribbean islands, I have till this day. Do any of you know about sailing and if so, what should I do to get started. Something about island hoping with a loved one, some drinks, clear water and luscious sun seems superb to me.

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Get used to water. Get a kayak or something and go out all the time. Be a good swimmer and read all about sailing. It is more work to sail than you think it is. Better to get a motorboat and go.

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How big is to big for a fan boat to not work? Because if it can work for a small yacht sized boat I'd do that. Powered with cheap solar...

Also I see your point, I do not want to be 50-100 miles from land, with the ocean as far as I can see all around and freak out.

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With this basically.

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Learn to sail, buy a boat, and do it. At least that is what I did, should be buying my boat in the coming week, thing I found the right one, just need to sort out the details. Plenty of flyover country has sailing about but you will need to move somewhere and expect to live there for a few years to find a boat, get to know the boat, fit it out, etc, so just move now. Head to the east coast, Gulf or Great Lakes and start shopping for a boat and learning.

There is a reason almost no one does this with a power boat, anything much bigger than a bass boat get 5 miles to the gallon and with the cost of fuel it gets expensive very quickly, marinas generally have high gas prices and island prices higher yet. To do it economically with a motorboat you either need to go ultra light or big enough to have inertia carry you, both are very expensive.

Fan boat would be terrible, they are for flat protected water. They rely on hydroplaning and are very slow until they get up on top of the water. The battery banks and panels you would need to do this would make it not at all cheap. Cheapest will be a sailboat, hands down.

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OK I'll think about sailing, my question is are motorboats only fossil fuels? Because a alternative power source seems like a interesting concept.

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Electric is also possible :

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No, they run them on many things, but the problem is still the same, to get any sort of fuel efficiency you need to either get the hull up on top of the water (or out of it on foils) or have enough mass that the inertia can carry it and the engine just has to maintain speed once it gets up to speed. Both paths are expensive regardless of fuel source.

The vast majority of people living and traveling on their boats do it in sail boats for a good reason, the alternatives are quite expensive, especially compared to the nearly free cost of sailing and the wide variety of well priced and capable sailboats on the used market. Finding a motor boat capable of passage making is not easy, they are and have been made for years, but they are a much smaller market, the boat will have a higher up front cost and will require the cost of converting it to your alternative energy. For that same cost you can get a used sail boat in great shape all fitted out to your needs and have enough cash left over to cover the next couple decades worth of maintenance.

Stop chasing free energy and go live out your dream.

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