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I have a E Bike with 36V Li-Ion system and I want to charge it at my 12V PV system on the camper when I´m camping.
I can get 240V AC chargers easily but there are barely any 12V chargers.

Can´t I just use a 12 to 42V boost converter, because the BMS in the battery should do all the CCCV charging magic right? Or is there more involved?

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Oh yeah the AC chargers usually look something like pic related. Isn´t that just a normal Switching Power Supply with 42V output?

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Bms won't do "cc/cv" magic, because it does balancing, overcharge, undervoltage, overcurrent protection. But when you supply over current it disconnects the battery, it doesn't regulate current linearly.
But yeah, you can absolutely use a boost converter, just make sure that 1. output voltage is exactly 42v (should be easy with a variable voltage pot) and 2. current is what your battery and bms can handle. Your pic shows 2A so thats probably ok

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It is a normal switching power supply with 42V output, but it's because chang is cheaping out, it's better to have a proper lithium charger. But these work, and so will a simple boost converter.

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Thanks, I figured. I´ll try to get a boost converter that isn´t complete chinkshit

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>I spent $20,000 to power a $400 electric motor that gets me 20 miles on a good day

or you could have just pedaled for free

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