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I've go a coupon for 20% off a single item at Harbor Freight. Is there anything at this store worth buying, even at 20% off?

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No what the fuck how many hf threads do we need?

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Engine hoist are good.

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Jack stand are good.

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10mm sockets
you will lose it before it breaks

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50 ton hydraulic press. The industrial sandblast cabinet. The big bandsaw probably wouldn't be a bad purchase at 20% off. Gantry crane would be another good one. The big 18lb (I think) vibratory tumbler. Your coupon probably excludes all predator equipment, but if not then you could get an engine or their sawmill...

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anything worth buying is excluded from the coupon
The store is dead, stop making these threads. They come up every single day.

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I heard Harbor Freight tools are garbage and are commonly only good for one time use. How true is this?

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I thought your mom was one time use but it turned out alright. You might never know.

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they've really failed to capitalize on this by selling multipacks of 10mm sockets

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Nobody listen to this advice, HF had to do a recall on the jackstands because 2 people died

>INB4 they probably died because theyre retarded.
Wrong, there was an investigation. The Jack stands failed

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Thought I could finish a basement with an oscillating multitool cutter from HF for drywall and wood. Just one project, and I'd never need a drywall cutter again I thought. Ended up buying another only 4 days later. And then a real one from Menards.

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We know. Welcome to 4chan

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The ames d1000 multimeter is a good pickup with that coupon

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Paint drop cloths
5 in 1 paint tools
Flat bars
These are the only things to buy there if you need them more than once a year.

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You forgot:
>moving blankets
>free microfiber cloths
>light duty hand trucks
>truck bed nets
>light duty rope
>those cheap hand pumps to pull fluids like old gasoline, engine fluids etc (I forget what theyre called)
I really like those LED shop lights they have when theyre on sale for like 15$. Ive had one in the garage for like 4 years now, bright af. Just dont rest the power cord on the top of the light, thats the heat sink, not the housing.

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That's how you should be buying any not-completely-basic-functionality tools to begin with. If you're only gonna use it once, buy the cheapest one you can find. If you break that one, congratulations, you can now justify buying a more expensive one from a better brand.

HOWEVER that absolutely fucking does not apply to safety equipment or anything that's likely to kill you if it fails, like jack stands: >>1977290.

>Hand tools?
>Small power tools like a drill or jigsaw?
Sure thing.
>Safety glasses, gloves, masks, or tools used to lift a car up which you'll be crawling under?
Absolutely fucking not.

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Their sockets are halfway decent.

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It's super hit-or-miss and can depend on how often you're using the tool or how you treat them.
My experience is something like this,
>Sockets, especially impact sockets
>Floor jacks
>Pry bars
>Bench vise
>Cheap as fuck angle grinder (trigger sucks but it does the job)
>Jaw pullers
>Inner tie rod tool
>Pulley puller
>Earthquake impact (haven't used but have seen tons of people love them)
>Socket adapters

>Basically any other power tool
>Vice grips (jaws cross constantly)
>Breaker bars (I'm on my 5th or 6th one)
>Vacuum bleeding pump (none of the fittings work worth a shit for brakes)
>Adjustable wrenches (back off constantly)
>Swivel sockets (too much slop)

Granted, I mostly just use them for fucking around with cars and doing basic home repairs, so my experience is limited. Pic related is the first breaker bar I owned from their that snapped while undoing a wheel nut.

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heres their latest flyer you can look through some good stuff on sale

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I think they are planning to expand the single Icon sockets. They will be like $10 each and discontinue more of the stuff that was worth shopping for at that place.

Ames is excludes from the coupons

Probably excluded, the jacks are.

Use it on some specialty automotive diagnostic tool or something, need a compression tester or some press kit? Otherwise just buy a Quinn socket set to throw in the car as a backup.

Fwiw, there is the website hfqpdb.com that always has the coupons, you can almost always get a 20% off coupon, last weekend they had “15% of anything” which included the 50% of the store excluded from the 20% coupons.

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Which breaker bars are you using? I have put some pretty good stress on mine, especially the 25” Pitt Pro with the black and red handle.

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His mom broke on me after 10 minutes of use. Luckily yours was on standby and got the job done.

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I really want that heavy duty pneumatic slide whistle.

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fuckin kek

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Recently bought their 20 ton shop press to press a rusted bearing from a steering knuckle, I say it's pretty good.

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The 20 ton shop press is sketchy as fuck, but it works
Its one of the handful of things worth buying if you havent yet


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>The 20 ton shop press is sketchy as fuck, but it works
>Its one of the handful of things worth buying if you havent yet

It was strong enough to press out an old bearing, plus now I can do bushings, ujoints, differentials, etc, finally don't feel like a wrenchlet no more

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Yeah it will make due
Im used to the hydraulic press at work.
I tried replacing a U-joint in an F150 drive shaft
Took out one C-clip, didnt take out the other, the press just pushed and ripped the C-clip right out of it with no effort and a loud explosion of a pop

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the 4 ft led shop lights are good to replace old florescent ones with. Some of the interesting shop lights are gud too.

I like the million packs of cheap paint brushes because I paint stuff to last, not look good, and I hate cleaning brushes.

construction squares-step bits for drills-grinding wheels-pb blaster and wd40- 3 way tow ball for like 20 bucks.
TIRE LEVERS. the huge silver tire levers for 7$ cannot be matched anywhere. Tractor supply has ones for like 30 each.

the brake bleeder is trash. the battery load tester failed in winter.

not that i expect everyone to do this, but i did some welding on the manual tire changer, and have probably changed 20 sets of tires in 2 years with it.

theres stuff here and there. if its made with more than one material, stay away.

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This jack right here

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this wont it wont be included in coupon since it's actually good and their profit margins aren't nearly as good on it.

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I laughed harder than I should have at the slide whistle.

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I like the LED lights, but I have shit luck with them. Got one of the strips, left it on overnight, cap blew in it and it was flickering the next morning.

I got pic related to replace the CFL in the center of my garage, it’s way fucking brighter than any incandescent single bulb I could’ve stuck in there. Been maybe 6 months and it’s still going strong. Might choose a little warmer light next time.

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>Pic Related

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>garden hose/extension combo
>do not get cord wet

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>Apache cases
Has anyone built a ham go box with one?

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I haven't bought much there. I picked up one of these just to finish a project while looking for something better. It took a little work to square it up, and needed some better blades. I have to say that it's held up well. A lot of frequent use for about a year and a half. It could use a better stand but I haven't gotten around to it.

I also own a couple of their cheap angle grinders that I've had for years, never had a problem with them.

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>be Europoor
>will never set foot in a harbor freight
>still read the whole thread everytime
What am I doing with my life?

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All of Europoor js a harbor freight.

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All of Europoor js a harbor freight.

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I just lost one yesterday.

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Pic related looks sweet, UV paint so you can get under there with your leak detector light

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Its decent after you replace the bolts on it, weld castors to it and replace the jack with something that moves faster than a mm per pump. Unless somethings changed in the 5 years since I bought it.

Their prices have really been inching towards being no cheaper than just buying name brand shit with an actual warranty

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Anyone used this?

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the 30% off holiday coupon does in fact work on the daytona floor jack, just bought a second one with it

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reweld everything before using

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I wan to buy one of those small handheld circular saws but Im scared to pull the trigger because it would be an impulse buy. Are the HF handheld circular saws reliable? Anyone try them? Is it better to get refurbished stuff online somewhere?

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We have this at my work on an old f250. It has held up well although it's been sprayed with spray on bedliner.

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are you me?

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frens not consider not going under car with any jackstands though
very stupid frens

not do this

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scrap and pallet man on youtube has one on his truck. seems to work very well

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> Their prices have really been inching towards being no cheaper than just buying name brand shit with an actual warranty
Trips confirms. The 8 gal compressor I got from there is exactly the same as the Husky one but painted a different color. The Husky is like $150 full price and the warranty is at least one year. The McGraw is $140 full price I think with a 90-day warranty. I got the McGraw for $119 with coupon and the Husky was on sale for $129 at the same time. A couple weeks later the Husky went down to $109 with a far better warranty.

The 3-ton Rapid Pump jacks were a steal when they were constantly on sale for <$70, but not at $110. The only thing I can think of right now that is worth going to HF for is the 4-drawer and 5-drawer tool carts, and those have gone up in price $50-$80 compared to a few years ago. And only reason they’re such a good deal is because nobody besides the tool trucks will sell you a full sized tool cart, and we call that the rape van for a reason.

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I noticed that with a retractable extension cord. At the time (4+ years ago), Home Depot or Lowes was cheaper and offered a better product.

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tap and die sets saved me a few times. Never know when you run into trouble cross threading, or dirt gets in there and mars the threads.

This happened to me a couple time during maintenance on my dirt bike, some little piece o sand gets on the thread and as you unscrew the nut on axle bolt the thing starts to lock up and damage the threads.

Or pry bars, crow bars, relatively simple stuff.

watch out for the jack stands, I think there was a recall on those the safety latch would not catch and the the stand would fail.

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Is the 1/2" torque wrench any good? Its only $10 with a coupon and I was already thinking of getting the tekton one for $40

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their mattock pick is pretty based. helped me dig lots of holes this summer

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>Nobody listen to this advice, HF had to do a recall on the jackstands because 2 people died
Do you know how many fucking people have HF jack stands? 2 is nothing.

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It’s good enough for most DIY automotive jobs, no telling how long it will last. That Tekton is supposed to be pretty good, and the $100 Icon from HF has a lot of people saying it’s nearly as good as the $$$ tool truck ones.

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Make your own

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>can't be bothered to spend an extra 30 dollars on something as critical as jack stands

I can't believe you're actually boot licking for HF.

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20 Ton H-Frame Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Shop Press
Where did you get the coupon?

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They haven't even had jack stands in stock since the recall.

Besides, I guarantee harbor freight wasn't the only ones buying jack stands from that factory with the worn out tooling, but they're the only one that did a recall. Makes you think...

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No, but i loaded one up with sex toys. Makes me feel like a porn parody james bond or some shit

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Nice to see a fellow ham outside of /ham/

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Some tools and supplies are a good deal but most of their even expensive bauer "high end" HF branding still only has like a 90 day warranty for good reason: they still fail at quality control, badly.
Just the other day a cheap paint brush I bought the handle and ferrule fell apart completely on first use..FFS.
how hard or expensive can it be to test a paint brush? These kinds of basic failures and resulting wastes of time really should make one leery of buying any remotely critical tools there especially if your job or life depends on it.
Their tools only seem cheaper because they'll stock garage on their shelves without QC to lower their bottom line.

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>how hard or expensive can it be to test a paint brush?

Do you want your brush to cost 0.30 instead of 0.25? Also how hard is it to grab the bristles of a new brush and give them a slight tug before you use it? Because quality control is exactly that hard. Not only did they miss that one, but you did too...

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>Moron Lamp Reg. Price

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Going into harbor freight is like when you're a kid and going into a candy store but when reality kicks in you realize you're just in a septic tank.
The generator I got was pretty sweet, it was a terrific gas powered extension cord that would trip the breaker on anything drawing more power than a box fan. Thankfully it returned to it's home in hell when it was melted down with a structure fire.
The fire was from an ancient arc welder, either sparks started it or the machine called it quits and took everything with it. The whole place was burned too bad for a clear answer or they withheld information for the sake of feels.
Either way clean your work area every day friends

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every few months theres a coupon that makes it $149. If you wait until they they start having tent sales in spring/summer you can get it for $100ish

>> No.1982552

25 cent paint brushes / cheap shit disposable drop cloths are my goto's as a painter. They are awesome for when your using epoxy paint or resin thats gonna fucking ruin a brush anyway

>> No.1982743

I like the corded 14"chainsaw bc it has the same chain size as homelite I have.
It works fine for quick cuts fire wood and blocking. I carve wood for profit.
The cotton drop cloth last forever, the plastic tarps are useable and cheap but but turn into trash af5er a few years.
Farm Jack or bumper jack is a solid buy if you do off-road or need to lift tons of steel. It hasn't failed me after 20 years of use. Just keep it oiled and spray paint it every once n awhile.

>> No.1982770

I bought a dial caliper from them. It seems alright.

Would anyone buy anything made any HSS tools, mechanical fasteners, welding machines, or dial indicator mounts from them?

>> No.1982978

I have one of those and use it more than I thought I would. I use a hammer a lot less as a result, too.

I'd recommend bolting it to the floor...it's a little top heavy.

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pic related is a good buy imo
I keep it in my trucks toolbox in case of a breakdown or I need to help a friend
Its got the tools and sizes need for most light repair work and it’s cheap enough that I don’t have to worry if it gets stolen

>> No.1983148

Want that electric multi tool

>> No.1983159

I just bought a drywall lift at Harbor Freight to do the ceiling in my renovation and holy shit am I glad I did !

>> No.1983355

>>Sockets, especially impact sockets
do not cheap out on these, especially impact sockets. I'm sure they "work" but when they fail they will take your eye out. I know a guy who lost an eye to a bad socket.

>> No.1983360

They work because they make them out of super thick metal. The issue is they won’t fit in tight spots because they build them so thick to make up for shitty steel. My 19mm HF impact socket rubs on the outside when I use it on lugnuts, it barely squeezes into the recess on some wheels.

I got a 6” digital caliper from there, it opens like 2.5” and then jams up because it’s not straight

>> No.1983402

Clamps that's about it or air tool fittings

>> No.1983405

Yeah broke their 24" breaker bar first pull

>> No.1983420

Literally how? I’ve used mine at least 20-30 times

>> No.1983435


Did the bad socket just allow his eye to fall right out and roll away?

>> No.1983689

shattered to pieces, sending shrapnel in all directions. Now he has a glass eye.
do you even lift?

>> No.1983704

I’ll ask the same thing, which one? The $12 model or the $20 model?

I have gone pretty hard on the 25” Pitt Pro and no issues.

>> No.1983943

I have physically jumped on top of my half inch 36" snap on breaker bar, used cheater bar on it, its taken it like a champ.

>> No.1983949

I've heard good things about the U.S. General tool carts/chests, Also their hand tools are pretty good for backyard wrenching. I'd personally stay away from anything electronic though, same goes with safety equipment (glasses, jack stands, etc.)

>> No.1983951

>I've heard good things about the U.S. General tool carts/chests,
Thats because they cost more than buying a USA Waterloo made Craftsman box

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I bought this, I really love it. Solid, not Ikea crap. This is what you need.

>> No.1983973

Gaydar alone is worth more than the 10 dollars

>> No.1983983

not good enough for proper work but looks nice and works for light duty jobs

>> No.1983998

i just got one of their smaller drill presses for doing 80% lowers, i've heard it's good enough hopefully not .1" runout
i hear good things about their mini mill and the $600 production drill press but for that money why not get the good stuff

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Thick impact sockets are better if you don't need the thin wall though. They last longer, and hit harder.

>> No.1984032

Sounds like he learned the hard way why they say to wear your safety glasses when using power tools. Even good sockets shatter on occasion, not to mention the bolt, work piece, and all the shit around that gets kicked up in the process.