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What are some good brands for sockets and wrenches?

Is it a bad Idea to use impact socket heads as a catch-all solution?

I'm going to buy this green socket organizer for Inches & get a blue one for metric, then cerakote them so It's impossible to mix them up, I can quickly glance to make sure they're organized correctly.


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it's only a bad idea if you have tight places to fit sockets since impacts are usually thicker. Otherwise it's common for budget conscious individuals to get impact sockets first.

/o/ was raving about Tekton the other day. I never used them, I've just been making hand me down craftsmen and other chinese sockets work for me.

Sunex are top tier impact for non-snap-on pricing though. I do have some of their stuff and I might be a fanboy for Sunex now.

I will warn you on socket organizers, it ends up not working for you needs after a few months. I might wait on those especially for that price. I've gone thru so many organizers that just don't make sense for me anymore. 6pt, 12pt, deep, short, various sockets, torx, etc etc. Ends up taking too much room imo.

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Tekton's HQ is a 15 minute drive away from me, just want some second opinions.

I'm going to buy a tool box just for wrenches, sockets, and bits.

I grew up on a farm with a tool cabinet where the fucking socket heads were always mixed up in a drawer, same goes for the wrenches. That's why I want an organizer.

Same old fucking bullshit. You spend 3 or 4 minutes looking for crap to only find that the piece that you wanted had walked off somehwere to be never found again, it's like your typical redditor's father who said that he was going out to get smokes.

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Kobalt made some based 3/8 deep impact sockets, but it looks like they've discontinued the line.

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I dont like these.
Nobody buys 100% of every socket, in every size and they take up way more space.
Are you going to buy two 1/2 holders, one for deep and one for shallow? And do you plan on having a 1-3/8 and a 1-1/4 deep sockets?
Are you going to buy a second 3/8 holder to separate your 6 points and 12 points?

You will "look at a glance" and see holders with empty spaces, and you will have excess sockets that arent in holders. Its not as useful as you think.

The better solution IMO is just buying socket rails.

The socket rail will always be organized in the way you set it up with exactly the amount of sockets you own. If you see a holder on the rail empty, you KNOW one of your sockets is missing. If you dont, you KNOW all of your sockets are put back.
They are portable, you know exactly where your socket goes back on the rail just by looks.

Its modular and changes, if you buy a new single socket you can throw it on etc etc.

I have USA made Craftsman ones, you can find them on ebay, or still buy USA made Ullman ones on ebay (i think they are the same brand)

They work beautifully and take a beating. You can buy replacement holder clips too
I have probably 8 of the Craftsman ones, and then probably another 20 or more of the $1 special Harbor Freight rails. The HF rails suck dick in comparison, but work fine for your more rarely used sockets that sit most of the time.

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>What are some good brands for sockets and wrenches?
The reality is, manufacturing for middling priced tools has gotten so good pretty much any brand you recognize on the market is good. Tekton is good, but they seem to have a premium price in a lot of places when they arent any better than other taiwanese tools. I dont like Tekton as they tend to make their tools big and fat, just like Kobalt does.

>Is it a bad Idea to use impact socket heads as a catch-all solution?
They are big and heavy and dont fit where you want all the time.

Black friday is coming up.
If you are looking to start your socket collection get something like this. Dewalt is Taiwanese made, lifetime warranty. Costco seems to have a yearly set similar to this for a similar price too.

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Also 6-7 years ago Tekton wrenches were kind of the first cheap taiwanese tools to take off on the market, which gave them this good reputation.
Their 14 piece wrench set was like $39.99 so you could get both SAE and MM for $80. Right now they have gone up to $115 for both on Amazon

You can just get an equivalent 14 and 14 Gearwrench non ratcheting set for $73 right now. These are also 6 point box ends which is nice

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Tekton and Gearwrench for decent mid-tier Taiwan tools. SK is badass if you are willing to spend more and have a real lifetime set of tools.

You can go with impact sockets first, but like other anon said, they are thicker walled and may not fit in every spot. If you don’t own a high powered impact wrench, get the chrome sockets.

Those socket holders are ok, but the sets never match up perfectly with the holders and it can rub my austism the wrong way. I just use socket rails and cut them to size.

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If you do go with impact-only sockets to start, I gotta say don’t do the Tektons. Most of their stuff is good, but their impact sockets are cheap. They work, but they’re inexpensive since they use a cheaper manufacturing process. When you get to the smaller sizes (10mm in 1/2” drive, 8mm in 3/8” drive), the cheaper ones like Tekton are designed like the one on the left, it’s cheaper to make and can use cheaper steel while having some strength, but you will run into spots where they don’t fit. Gearwrench and Sunex are a step above but still affordable, they use the proper steel and the sockets have thinner walls and will fit in all of the spots you need them to fit. Watch the prices on Gearwrench stuff on Amazon, I got a steal on a 3/8” drive impact socket set on black friday a couple years ago, it was like $60-$70 for a set that should easily run $120+.

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My dog just told me ur a faggot

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Is Hazet a good brand, or over priced?

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found a set that all of the socket heads.


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>Nobody buys 100% of every socket, in every size

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he probably buys snap on

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Always had good luck with them.

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I mostly just use HF tools, but thats because I'm a poor and cant justify spending $60 on something that I can buy an equivalent for $15 and it work 99.99% of the time. Eventually, I'll probably get a DeWalt set or Milwaukee set, but for now, cheap chinesium is what I'm using.

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I got this 19 piece Willams set for $130 the other day somebody probably fat fingered the price
They are made in Taiwan but seem to be good quality
Did I do good?

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For Taiwan stuff, that’s a good price considering it goes all the way up to 24mm. Most brands will sell you the set up to 19mm, and then charge you another $75+ for the 20mm-24mm.

And Williams is good, it’s Snap On’s industrial brand. The US made stuff is made alongside Snappy tools, and the Taiwan stuff made with Blue Point, I believe in a factory they own so it’s not like the Chinese crap that is contracted to the lowest bidder.

Hazet is supposed to be good, but it’s a Yuro brand we don’t see much of over here.

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Oh shit I just noticed, you got the ratcheting ones for $130? That’s a really good price. Like mentioned before, most sets will go up to 19mm, and those 5 largest sizes will cost as much as you paid for the whole thing.

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yeah im sure somebody fat fingered the price
the day after I bought it the price shot up to what it is now
Im surprised they actually shipped it

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Second sunex, 90% of my tools are sunex, mixed with snap-on/blue pointe/gearwrench/HF

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Do you own a 1-1/4 shallow AND deep well socket?
How about a 1-1/8?
But you do have 1/2 deep well sockets right?
Well OPs needs two 1/2 holders, one for his deep and one for his shallow sockets.
He might not have EITHER 1-1/4 socket. Yet there is is, a place for them.
And lord knows if he has 6 or 12 points, in either deep or shallow.

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Why are KNIPEX pliers so expensive? I vaguely remember looking at the cobra 3 pack a couple months ago and they were around $70 but now they are like $110 on amazon

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They are made in Germany to high standards, with high quality raw materials anon. Same with any high quality USA brand too.
If the 3 pack was $70 that was a good sale
The normal cobras range from $30-40 a piece.

Menards has a sale going on, the 7-1/4, and the 10" for $27, and the 12" for $44 right now. Also you can mail in another 11% rebate off that if you wanted.

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buy whatever you want

buy a descent set, preferably in a blow mould case, looks cleaner and easier to keep track of things.

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gws are good brand for electrical shit aswell.

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Everyone ramps up their prices before Black Friday. Amazon is the worst offender.

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I noticed that too. Some of the basic pliers shot up from like $30 to $45. Amazon fucks with the prices a lot tho. Put them on the wishlist and watch them for a couple weeks.

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KTC, Asahi, Tone
Wera, Unior, Hazet
>if you are poor nigger
Taiwanese tools are fine: Teng, King, Mitool

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Dont buy into the whole snapon/matco bs. If you break a harbor freight and if they are in your town you can just exchange it.

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i bought a $150 200pc Kobalt mechanic's tool set four years ago and it has damn near everything you'll need for cars at least. every now and then you'll need some retarded size like a 22mm for ball joints but just buy a few different size crescent wrenches for dumb shit like that.

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This is just like the first Crescent tool set I got to work on my BMX bikes.

My biggest complaint of all of these “mechanic’s sets”, they really should add in a 3 or 4pc set of pliers- needle nose, channellocks, and wire cutters, and they would be perfect.

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Tekton allen sockets


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Sure. They’re probably about the same D2 steel Taiwan made as everybody else like Kobalt and Craftsman and Husky and maybe Gearwrench. With that being said, look around right now, I know Home Depot has a set of Husky torx/hex sockets with their Xmas sales for $25 right now.

That’s one of those things like regular 6pt sockets where I don’t think there’s a noticeable difference between the brands because they’re all pretty good and Taiwanese and the next step up is Snap On for $$$. Only brand in the middle of Taiwan and Snap On I have heard shilled is VIM, they have some good bit sets on Amazon and supposed to hold up to quite a lot of abuse.

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I get the impression that you DON’T own 1/2” deep sockets, which is a tremendous self-own.

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I almost bought deep 12pt sockets, but I have yet to need em and I’ll jam the retarded pass-thru socket on there if I can.

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