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We had some carpet repair people come out to patch up some spot where the carpet was frayed at the seams from vacuuming and subsequent puppy chewing. They did 3 spots and this is one of them...

It was several days ago and it was covered by a mat and left to 'dry'. The edge on the left apparently was not even glued as I could just lift it. I pressed it back down and this is how it looks. They took this carpet out of a matching closet. Is it supposed to look like this?

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Looks kind of half assed, you can try gluing it down yourself.

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traffic carpet is never going to match closet carpet no matter how good the join is it will be obvious.

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obvious, yea. but that job is utter shit.
The grain has to be correct and once glued down (hot melt strip) then you take a razor cutter to make it all even.
I think they put a cover on it just to have time to get away.

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Yeah, I watched a youtube video with a professional showing how to rip the carpet at the seams, match the grain, etc.

Looked relatively simple and not time consuming. The guys that came were 'professionals' from some carpet place my Apartment complex hired to repair carpet at some units. I'm definitely going to contact them to come fix this shit. They did another spot in my doorway that looks slightly better, but still not what a paid professional job should look like.

They didn't even glue the whole strip down for fuck's sake.

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Also, what do you mean 'put a cover on it'?

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It’s a terrible job, but it’s not easy match carpet up, and given carpets it quite cheap compared to labour maybe best to forget about it until you can afford to replace whole carpet.

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Carpet guys aren't the brightest stars in the sky, don't look at them as professionals but more as reformed prisoners trying to make it back into society

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They weren't pros
They were handymen your complex uses for everything

To get the seams tight, you need carpet seam tape (heat activated) and a seamer(heat activator)

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Theoretically, you might be able to achieve the same bond with fiberglass cloth and resin, but you'd have 10:1 odd of ruining the carpet lmaooooo

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