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I installed a new water heater and when I turned the water back on hot water came out for a few seconds and stopped. Then the pressure relief valve went off now no water comes out of tge hot side of any faucet. Wtf did I do? My guess is it is jammed with solder somewhere. Cold line works

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Did you fill the water heater before turning on the power? If not you melted the fuck out of the new heater. Also were you careful to solder quickly near the heater itself? If you left the torch on it too long down near the heater it will melt the fuck out of the plastic dip tube inside.

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I had a cold towel around the connecters and was decently far from the dip tube. I filled the tank about 3 quarters (40 gal) before I turned the gas to low. I'm doing a flush and fill now then going to back flush water lines with the aerators off

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did you bleed the air out? does water come out of the relief? its pretty damn hard to block a pipe with solder when its a vertical joint

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I had all of the faucets open 50/50 hot and cold. When i open the cold water valve on the water heater water comes out of the pressure relief valve. Even when it is cold. I found some solder after the tank drain

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sounds like the relief is either rated too low or its fucked. whats the pressure/temp limit?

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150 PSI and 210°F
Water comes out when its fucking cold. This thing must be broken

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I think I need an expansion tank, never had one before though.

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Very easy to put on. We use a brass tee with a nipple and 90 sticking out expansion tank straight onto the 90. Ours come at 40psi boss wants them at 50. I've put it in at 40 no issues. That's a weird issue you're having and I'm not sure expansion tank will help, doesn't hurt to try it. Use good thread sealer, Teflon tape, or both so it's not a pain in the ass years down the line to remove but you seem like you would know this.

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Yeah sounds like maybe a defective relief valve, should be able to just replace it

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Installed an expansion tank on the cold side and the pressure relief valve still blew when I filled the tank with cold water. Water came out of the hot side for about a minute.

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You know pressure tank air pressure has to be set at like 2 psi below water pressure right? 40-50 might be way too low for a lot of homes.

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Hate to say it, but it sounds like either a fucked up install or you got a bum tank.

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whats the pressure coming into the heater?

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Is their no water at all coming out on the hot side?

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Absolutely bone dry.

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Shit is stuck in the preasure relief valve. Actuate that thing a few dozen times, hopwfully it's just sediment or crud that blows out.

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I was gonna get a water pressure gauge and set the expansion tank to the city water pressure but homo depot was all out. Called the warranty fucks and they are sending out some guido to look at it. This problem didn't exist with the old water heater that i installed in 11 years ago.

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im scared to ask but the little metal handle on the relief is hanging down not pointing straight out right?

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>My guess is it is jammed with solder somewhere.
lol that takes a lot of solder.

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I did not. I was just taught to install at 50psi and told not to question anything.

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Incoming water is 48 psi and yes the handle on the valve is down and pressed in. It's dripping too. Totally fucked. This thread can die now

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