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>it's a sassy woman is in charge and nitpicks every little thing and tries to make you do a lot more extra work for the same price episode
What fucking genius allowed them to ever have a say in anything?

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Why are you listening to women?

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What am I supposed to do when the husband is a cuck and allows his wife to LARP as a builder?

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>make you do a lot more extra work for the same price episode
You're only annoyed with her because you don't charge her.
You're the professional, you should know how it's done and you should charge extra if she wants it differently or in a way which causes you in the end more work.

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What the fuck is going on in that picture?

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Boy's dog had a whiff of snatch and died from the stench. He's upset about it.
Nah what probably actually happened is that some aggravated macho negro killed the dog for getting up in her business.

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I would absolutely snap if some dumb nigger bitch killed my dog.

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3 different pictures
3 different locations
3 different times
Put together to tell a story in a meaningful way

Are you retarded?

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Obviously a joke

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nig pussy smeels like a fish tank with puke and a rotting dead fetus in it

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Time to work on assertiveness, stay calm polite and tell her it’s gonna cost extra.

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>what am I supposed to do when my job is awful?

Get a different job you fucking idiot.

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Pull that guy aside and tell him you have a personality conflict witht the wife and you would like him to insulate you from her.
This is a hugely common problem

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I want to carry for emergencies, but with so many niggers in society I feel I will be baited into becoming one. The best option is to just stay home armed and ready to dispose of a body or two.

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>This is a hugely common problem
IT/creative fag here. Can confirm. Put woman in charge and 8 out of 10 she will make up shit just to look important & larp as someone who contributed to the project. They are cancer and like
>>1957871 said, you wana be Independent, you gotta learn how to deal with shit like that.
Its part of being self employed.

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>you gotta learn how to deal with shit like that.
I tried by calling one woman a stupid cunt whore but it did not work out so well as I had hoped

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