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Hi, I want my house to smell nice all the time, any tips will be appreciated, thanks.

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Put some lavender in your paint, house will smell like a giant pot puri

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How long will the smell last?

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Het a few essential oil diffusers and some essential oils. Easy peasy. Peppermint is great for the holidays. Lavendar is pretty commonly enjoyed. Lemon grass and orange are refreshing. Eucalyptus smells good and helps with better breathing and can even reduce snoring. Those are just my favorites but there are others as well.

I would put one in the living room, 1 in the entry way, and 1 in the bedroom.that should be enough if you have a small to average sized house.

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Or just take showers more frequently

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spray some ozium into your HVAC return duct

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3-4 months, I dunno who the target of this product is

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Oil diffusers and air purifiers

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Ozone generator to kill the funk, set it up on a timer to run while you are out.

UVC lamp in the AC's plenum to do the same.

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