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pine cones creations thread

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Why am I laughing so hard at this. Oh yeah, I'm an idiot.

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good thread

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So talented, what kind of tools do I need to get started?

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just love

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Any YouTube videos guides I can check out?

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Googly Eye Anon? Been a while since I last saw you in /co/.

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heeeeehe heheheheeeee

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You could make a pine tree with one doing literally nothing.

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post 3 faggot
oh wait

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Thanks fren, I have lots of pine tries near by, do you think I can make a business out of this? Sell on Etsy or something like that?

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Is squirrel taxidermy something you've done on the side in the past, perhaps?

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how do you know it

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pine cones, hot glue, google eyes or whatever else you want to glue to the tree cocks

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I made my wife a pine cone butt-plug.

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angle grinder with no saftey sheild and white paint with a splash of black in it

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>with a splash of black i


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Nobody is going to buy pine cones online. Some people might buy pinecone bird feeders from girl scouts in the town square, but it would be creepy to see a grown man do that.

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Would be even creepier to see a grown women do it.

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next time try with squirrel taxidermy

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Go to bed mom you're wine drunk.

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Ok I’m all in, do you have any schematics for the bird feeders?

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I would buy pinecones online if they had uncommon numbers of spirals. usually they have Fibonacci numbers of spirals but i've always wanted to find some that deviate. anyone got some lucas number pinecones?

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I heard a rumour that unusual pine cones are going to overtake the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency at some point. Stock up now.

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