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>buy circular saw
>afraid to use it

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they're just fingers anon, you have 10 of them anyway (for now)

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this, God gave you a bunch of spares and how many do you really need, anyway? everything past the middle is just superfluous when you really think about it

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How do you even cut a finger with a circular saw?
You're supposed to hold them with both hands.

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Tri a squareular saw. Less scary.

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I sincerely hope someone is taking their old circular saw blade over to the bandsaw right now to make a squareular sawblade for meme photo purposes. Will be a /diy/ classic.

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>only have middle, index, and thumb
>can only deadlift empty toilet paper rolls, used to DL 4 pl8

it was worth it, bros

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I'm considering angle grinding one square. Bored as fuck today.

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I was an 18 year old boy, not long with my drivers licence, my dad was looking after his bosses Nissan Skyline GTR, let me drive it, was scared shitless to do anything.

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Alright lads could you kindly rate my setup before I give this a try? The material underneath is a horse stall mat. The blade should have no problem going through it and I have the height adjusted for the plywood. Is this a safe setup?

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Why not some saw horses and a clamp?

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Only thing I genuinely fear is dremel's and angle grinders.

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Get one of these clip on rip fences, they will make you feel a lot more confident with your cuts.

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Because I don’t have those. Would that be safer?

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Before investing money in a circular saw you should buy some fucking clamps.
It's the most basic and essential tool for any woodworking.

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I wouldn't do that with rubber, go get the like inch thick sheet foam.

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I think you might be right man. I'll get some foam instead or do a proper horse+clamp setup

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It looks like circular saw actually can't cut through horse stall mats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQZjxwU4WZY

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i believe in you! one day you will be able to use a table saw

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Holy shit I hope you don’t like having hands

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>bought decent circular saw
>have nothing to use it on now that I built a doghouse

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This is literally the recommended way to cut large sheets of plywood from numerous tutorials. The only difference is I don't have a soft enough material underneath. I should be using foam

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No they done they are garbage. Build a track


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dude invest in saw horses

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t. has never used a circular saw

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Seriously, how?
Why would you ever take one of your hands from it apart from the last stretch that's nowhere near your?

If you're using your other hand to hold the piece, you're doing it wrong.
Why do you think it has an additional handle in the front?

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You are a pleb
What is a plunge cut
What is using a speed square
If you're using a worm drive saw I could see how a pussy would feel the need to use both hands but fuck yourself boomer

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How do you do a plunge cut without both hands on the saw? Did you remove the blade guard?
What does a speed square have to do with anything?

Sorry for enjoying clean stable cuts.

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OP here. Could I use a scrap piece of plywood underneath the plywood instead of foam?

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I have a 4 x 8 sheet of the blue house insulation I lay down to rip ply. I would recommend that.

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You're better off laying down 4 2x4s two on each side of the cut (put 2 of the boards close to but not under the cut on both sides) and set the fence on the saw to 1/4" taller than the ply you are ripping.

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Just try to set the depth barely able to cute through your intended cut and use the plywood.

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You're a moron. Have you ever even seen a carpenter work before? On modern saws you can plunge cut by holding the back of the saw up and rolling the guard off of your material, and by the speed square comment he was referring to the act where one holds a square with one hand tight against a board and runs the shoe plate of a saw against it in order to make an expedient square cut (more of a novice technique, any carpenter worth his salt can cut square with a just a dot in the middle of a 2x12). But the whole point is that a skillsaw is normally used with one hand while the other holds your material in place. The extra handle is for certain rip cuts, using the saw as a planer, or cutting something on a sidewall or above your head. Stop being such a pussy. There are a million youtube videos of idiots using skillsaws who have no problem using them safely.

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If you can't keep your cut straight and right-angled, clamp down a fence.

Every safety guideline will tell you the same: Always clamp down the work piece. Always use both hands. Doesn't matter if it's a rip- or cross-cut.

You use it unsafely for no good reason, call everyone who does it right a pussy, and then cry about how unsafe they are.
Stop making excuses for your laziness, There's no reason to ever lose a finger to it unless you're being an idiot.

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just make sure its running at full speed and dont jam the fucking thing into whatever youre cutting let the blade do the work

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ever use one of these

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Yeah, they're great for rough carving.

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You jest, but they're used for concrete fiberboard.

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Grip strength for HEMA.

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why the fuck is he pushing from the right side? he should be on the left side of the saw pushing with his right hand to avoid that exact situation... pushing into the fence not away from it into the blade... fucking moron!

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He was demonstrating the danger of tablesaws. Notice the sheet to catch the piece? If I recall correctly he nearly took off his finger in this clip tho

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OP here. I used it for the first time today and it went surprisingly well. I completely butchered the first cut but after that it was a lot better.

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oh no, it's you again

you should make a vantard general or something

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All done. Now I don’t have to look at my ugly cabling

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That's probably smart. I had a bunch of power tools in my garage with nobody to show me how to use them, and I was using trash cans as saw horses. No consideration to safety. Circ saw is probably older than I am.

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I use circular saws, miter saws, reciprocating saws, band saws, table saws, chain saws and even concrete saws daily with no problem but angle and bench grinders scare the fuck out of me

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Buy proper bench grinder stones, then there is nothing to be afraid of

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>why the fuck is he pushing from the right side? he should be on the left side of the saw pushing with his right hand to avoid that exact situation... pushing into the fence not away from it into the blade... fucking moron!
If he was pushing while standing on the other side of the fence, he could get hit by the workpiece kicking back towards him.
On small pieces that just means unpleasant bruising, and maybe some blood.
On larger pieces, the force of lumber kicking back can actual cause internal injuries.
There is at least one incident in Canada were a piece of lumber kickbacked into a person and killed the person.

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People always do the the dumbest shit with angle grinders. Look at this fucking cut. Complete recipe for disaster

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Oh man, I'm scared of the table saw and band saw, but I'll use an angle grinder after a few beers

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He was intentionally causing it to kick back as demonstration. Ended up almost fucking his hand up anyways

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dont think about the tool, just use it like an extension of your hand.

i use angle grinders almost daily, they are easy to control and use. only dangerous in the hands of people with low to no confidence in themselves.

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try cutting fence posts with a circular saw.

pro-tip: you can see 90% of the cut because its under the saw. you have to lean over and watch the blade follow the line.

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I've owned a router table for about a year and used it 3-4x a week and it still kinda freaks me out
same with table saw

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What the FUCK

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Short length of chainsaw chain held between two metal disks on a cordless angle grinder. Works great for rough carving. On a cordless grinder in particular it's good for trimming down stumps of pruned tree limbs for a smother profile.

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>demonstrating the danger of tablesaws
sounds like a fun hobby

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Whatever happened to that table saw that automatically smashed a big brake into the blade as soon as it detected a finger touching it?

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They're called SawStops, I have no experience with them but here's a dude pushing hotdogs into them in front of a high-speed camera. Looks like it works pretty well even if you're basically punching the blade.

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I've worked as a carpenter for like 15 years and I've never owned a circular saw.
if I need to saw in a straight line I'll use a tracksaw and when I need a fast approximate cut I use a jigsaw. both of those are safer and better at what they do than a circular saw
I damn near cut my dick off with an angle grinder once, was standing in a staircase cutting some shit above my head, blade got stuck and I dropped the grinder. out of instinct I tried to catch it between my legs, blade cut into both of my thighs just below my peen

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That is a circular saw

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>out of instinct I tried to catch it between my legs,
My instinct dropping anything sharp or heavy is jump back a foot.

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LArp >op has no frens

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holy shit why would you use a saw to cut that
just use a sharp knife, go over it a few times and it'll split cleanly

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Why are you trying to bankrupt this man with all these gimmicks. He barely just bought a saw.

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yeah but now you have to look at that thing instead

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a table saw, miter saw and biscuit joiner are also circular saws, but they're called table saws, miter saws and biscuit joiners and not circular saws

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>band saw
I read a thing a while back that even if you get cut on a band saw you can still react in time to save the finger, unlike a circular saw. (source: dude trust me)

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Oh shit, I can't cut a straight line to save my life with a circular saw. If I buy one of these would it be my salvation?

>> No.1960658

If you already have a circular saw, you can build a track for it.

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No I got rid of it because I couldn't do shit with it. I cut better lines with my jigsaw because I could clamp a ruler to stuff. The circular saw I bought didn't really allow that.

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Bruh thats like 3/4" plywood

>> No.1960702

>4-tooth fiber cement blade
imagine ripping 3/4 ply with that bad bitch

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You need shapes school in your life.

>> No.1960714

for the emperor?

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Worked for me, just got some stitches once. But easy to get to confident on them

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>not making your own saw horses.

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Secure the work piece with clamps and use both hands to operate the saw. Just keep sawing little chunks off until you feel comfortable operating the saw. Good luck anon.

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yes, it's insanely easy to use. the one I've got even has clamps for the track so it stays perfectly still. circular saws are outdated technology that need to end up in the attic or bin as fast as possible, tracksaws aren't even that much pricier.
comparing these janky, bulky homemade wooden tracks (that usually also limit your depth) to a proper aluminum track made for the saw is like night and day

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>what do you call a butcher with all 10 fingers?

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