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hey /diy/, what is this metal lattice called that is holding up this brew setup?

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Looks like garage door opener brackets

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similar to dexion shelves

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Look up Unistrut, its cheap and itll do all the Knex shit you want to do with it

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There are plenty of systems but note that the goal of those is not more than avoiding the drilling of holes.
Learn strut types but also learn prices from local metal suppliers because light steel is very affordable and you can make much more rugged structures easily. Everything for that is easily done with 1/8" pilot drills (I buy bits online by the pack in common sizes) then a good step drill bit. The center of drill bits cuts by crushing so a small pilot hole makes drilling the rest much easier.

Unistrut has many cool fittings and is nice for hanging plumbing. The Anon who suggested it is wise. I prefer it to Dexion and have used both on the job. I buy nuts with toothed flanges for such work and get nearly all my hardware online. Your local electrical suppliers will have Unitstrut.

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An 8’ 2x4 is only $5-.

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knex was the shit

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I wanted knex so bad when I a little one day i see mom bought 3 boxes I was so excited then she told me it was a birth day gift for her friends kid and I had to give them to him

Cut to him opening the gift i have him and putting them to the side bc he didn't care about them at all

>I lost all love for my mom that day

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