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I've got one of these cheap welders / plasma cutters. I want to use the plasma cutter don't I don't have an air compressor yet.
The manual specifies that it needs 50-80 PSI (60 recommended), but doesn't specify the CFM.

Does anybody have a similar plasma cutter and have suggestions for CFM ratings? This machine is 110V or 220V and the cutting amps can be adjusted between 10A-50A.

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I'm reading that article right now.

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I gave almost the exact same one they are made mostly the same with different names.

the CFM is not really relevant for a plasma cutter. You just need enough air coming out of the nozzle to blow the melted metal away.

I provide mine with 125 psi and then set the pressure to the plasma cutter depending on the thickness of metal I am using.

for thin sheet metal 40psi is fine for half in or so you might want 80.

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That's good to know. The articles I've read say to get a compressor that's rated 1.5x the cutter's CFM requirements. So that's what I was wondering about since mine didn't specify CFM.

Do you just have a little pancake compressor then? I see a lot of cheap compressors for sale that are easily rated for 100+ PSI but then only like 2CFM. The ones that are rated for 5-7 CFM are like $300 at the lowest.

Right now I'm mostly working with sheet metal, but eventually once I'm a better fabricator I'll want to start cutting up to 1/4" plate.

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I use mine with a 5 gallon compressor, which is fine for short cuts of a few feet on sheet metal before the compressor kicks in.

A pancake compressor would probably not hold enough for long cuts.

If you don't already have one, I would recommend the largest compressor you can afford. if you need it portable that is a different story.

I high CFM compressor will mean you can cut longer though.

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A home gamer compressor isnt going to be good unless it's got a huge tank, and even then that will be short cuts. If you just want to try it out, try renting a nitrogen bottle and regulator

If you're pretty committed, then get a 240v compressor

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>nitrogen bottle and regulator
for plasma cutting? that's a bit overkill.

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The manual for this says to use compressed air only.

I'm just working out of my garage practicing stick welding with this thing so far. I'm planning on making a small table for my PC to sit on and then some patio furniture to practice, but ultimately I want to build some bumpers and skid plates for my Jeep.

As of now only have access to 120V, so I'll probably look into a 10-30 gal compressor... and try to get as high of a CFM rating as I can, but not sweat it if it's not like 6CFM.

I've been on /biz/ a lot lately so hopefully my investments will pay off so I can eventually buy a house and build a nice workshop. So far, so good.

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You could figure out the maximum possible cfm by knowing the air outlet size, the input pressure and some math.

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