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What is /diy/'s opinion on the greatest tool store on earth?

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Theyre pretty good with the basics wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, and the like. When you get to more intricate and expensive tools power tools, specialty meachanic tools, and woodworking. It is best to buy elsewhere.

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>no free items
>no 20% coupon on anything useful in the store
>bring in "high end" tools, which are identical in quality to other big box stores house brands, but charge more for them
>leverage their "high end" tool prices to raise the prices of their objectively bad tools, which were already priced too high because you were expected to use the 20% coupon

A once ok store that has fallen hard, very fast.

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They have a couple automotive tools that are overpriced at VatoZone, so if you can’t wait a day for Amazon to ship you a better kit for the same money, HF is a decent option.

There’s like a dozen things in that store that are still worth buying- a couple of the jacks, cheap compressors if you don’t mind the downsides to each model, toolboxes with a coupon. Sometimes you can go there with coupons and stock up on 99¢ zipties, $4 packs of alkaline batteries and such. I always say though, you will eventually find out where HF saved money on manufacturing.

Hand tools, go with a Taiwan brand from another known retailer if you want quality without spending $$$, Gearwrench is my favorite. Also the lifetime warranty on lots of HF’s hand tools, who the hell knows if you will be able to warranty anything in 10 years with HF’s sketchy growth plan.

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What's the quality of the Bauer line like? I'm thinking of buying the weed wacker.

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It’s like Ryobi, but if you wait for a Ryobi sale at Home Depot, you will probably get it for a lower price or a more updated model for a couple dollars more than the Bauer, plus the Ryobi batteries can be used on way more tools and you can be reasonably sure the brand will still exist in 5-10 years, plus Ryobi gives you a 3 year warranty vs 3 months on the Bauer.

Compare the tools between the companies, Bauer’s yard tools like the blower and such look exactly like the old cheap Ryobi models at Home Depot. If you’re going to invest in a couple higher capacity batteries, Ryobi will be a smarter buy.

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I have turned down free HF tools. They are dog shit.

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ChiComm garbage

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You’ve turned down blow jobs before too, but that’s because you’re gay

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The blue LED lights are kinda fun to rip apart and use the strips for retarded projects. The multimeters work, but I always toss them somewhere and the batteries are dead by the time I need them (like the one I tossed in my car) and it’s not even worth spending good money on a Duracell 9V to fix those meters.

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I've turned them down from your mom. Like 100 times, tell that dog shit pile of garbage human to leave me alone.

And further more what kind of gay man would turn down a blowjob, assuming it's from another gay man. You put zero thought into this, you are a stupid person. Have fun with you broke dick tools.

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Quality somewhat improved, while also drifting from the main selling point, cost.
They've been doing good better best for a few years now, now there's coupons for every brand,so they can exclude them on the normal coupons, free coupons are on and off these days.
It's still fine, but I miss the charm of being cheap shit priced cheap with the slightly more expensive, but fairly good shit they had prior to bringing things like ICON or whatever.

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They are getting better all the time.

I'm worried guys. If they keep growing, keep offering such value, and keep improving the quality of their tools, they're going to be the only game in town.

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They have their place. Sockets (especially impact sockets) are pretty good. Adjustable wrenches are meh, but I've bought probably 50 of them to distribute throughout tractors and other equipment. Its nice to have something to work with on the machine at times. Pipe wrenches aren't as tight as a good American made one, but they'll get the job done.

Those short little alignment pry bars are handy as a shirt on a pocket.

Their 301 piece mechanics tool set is worth it just for the sockets, ratchets, and extensions. It's basically a full set of every drive size without any gaps plus metric and standard allen bits, torx bits, and a few others too... The pliers and wrenches in that set are meh at best though.

Their 50 ton hydraulic press is pretty damn good. Plus if you can find a 25% off coupon the last I knew it wasn't excluded from that.

I bought their big boy sandblast cabinet too with a 25% off coupon. Haven't gotten it installed in the shop yet though, but the reviews are good.

Their soft bristled shop brooms are good as well as their bench brooms and big ass dust pans.

Hydraulic jacks are good stuff. Oh and their trucker chains are kick ass. I have bought probably 20 of them to scatter around on loaders, pickups, trailers, etc.

Most of their air tools aren't too shabby.

The 12" disk sander is a fuckin beast. Especially when you throw a 24 or 36 grit zirconia disc on it. It'll flat out eat some metal!

Their little knee mill isn't too bad, and the round column mill drill ain't too shabby either. Neither one is a bridgeport, but they'll do some machining on a budget if you can't find a full knee mill in your area.

The ring roller gets the job done.

The F style welding clamps by berger are good shit.

Their breman brand vise grips are on par with actual vise grips. Avoid the old pittsburgh ones at all costs though, they're pure shit...

The big engine driven compressor is good for the $$$

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Some of their chisels and punches are good stuff, and some are soft chink shit. The black sets and green sets are good. Orange is shit.

Oh the high flow air fittings are awesome.

US general tool boxes are surprisingly good.

The plastic parts storage organizer boxes are good

I've had good luck with their nail guns. An old framing nailer and brad nailer that have never skipped a beat.

The Predator engines are a direct honda clone and run perfectly and will swap onto most anything that needs a repower.

Paint guns are good after a thorough cleaning. Even the $10 one isn't bad. I have a few of them for painting stuff that doesn't matter too much and then I have one of their nicer sets for painting vehicles that I actually care about the results.

Most of the time I try to avoid their power tools. But hell their $10 drill master grinders really aren't too bad. It doesn't have the power of a name brand grinder, but come on it's fucking $10 what do you expect? I have one at my house where I really don't do any grinding other than once in a blue moon.

Stuff like their sds rotary hammer and wet tile saw are good enough for homeowner stuff. If you're a pro using it every day, then get better stuff, but if you're just doing your own shit and need a specialty tool go get it from there and get your job done without having to shell out a ton of cash for name brand.

Basically if you go to the store and fondle the items in person you can tell if they are complete garbage or not.

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If you have to have the tool right now at the lowest cost and you only need it once, HF is fine. They are also a decent place to buy consumable stuff, as already mentioned. WD-40, Evaporust, wire wheels, zip ties, heat shrink tubing, etc.

If you plan on actually using something and time is not an issue then get a good tool used at a garage sale or CL or something. People talk up their stuff a lot, especially their power tools. I've picked up DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee tools used for less than what a new one sells for at HF just by keeping my eyes open. When you have both tools in your hands the difference is pretty clear. The two big things that I look for are noise and vibration. The HF power tools have a lot more of both compared to higher-end tools.

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>I'm worried guys. If they keep growing, keep offering such value, and keep improving the quality of their tools, they're going to be the only game in town.

Look at their fucking icon wrenches
They cost DOUBLE the price of Tekton wrenches.
The value isnt there and they arent going to put anyone else out of business dude.

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The magnet dish is the best one. I got 5 or 6 of them (and it still isn't enough).

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I need to snag more, I have 2 of the 4”, 2 of the 6”, and then one of the rectangle ones. I want a big meal tray size one next, good for leaving tools and shit in when rolling from one wheel to the next on brake jobs or whatever. I been debating one of those chairs with the trays on the bottom next, HF has some cheap ones but Northern Tool has a little bit heavier duty line that goes on sale.

Plus a couple mag dishes are always in use for whatever I took apart and gave up on 3 weeks ago so the screws are sitting in a dish somewhere.

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The Icon lineup is supposed to compete with Snap-On, Mac, Matco, etc.

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It’s Gearwrench quality for more money. They’re nice for the money considering Snap On comes off the rape van, but not really worth it. Plus their selection is limited and they don’t sell the single stuff, the Snappy catalog has more than an entire HF store.

Real test would be getting some of the Icon torx and hex sockets and see how they stand up to a torture test compared to the tool trucks, that’s when you will see if the stuff is manufactured properly.

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>The Icon lineup is supposed to compete with Snap-On, Mac, Matco, etc.
You dont compete with Snap-On by cloning their looks and making tools on par with Tekton.

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Aliexpress? I guess they're okay, really depends on the individual seller. They're chinks so they're often out to scam you.

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It’s a little bit nicer than lots of Tekton. On par with little bit better Taiwan like Gearwrench, Sunex, Taiwan Williams.

Curious to see what Milwaukee comes out with next for hand tool, they seem close to Icon, extra shiny chrome and expensive for Asian tools.

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It's the little things that make the difference, I don't want to have to wack my adjustable wrench every quarter inch of adjustment because it's so sloppy. I want to be able to put ally weight on my grinder and not have it big down. Mitre saw needs to easily be adjusted 1 degree at a time and not move 2 when I set the lock bolt.

A professional painter probably doesn't need snap on wrenches to work on his paint gun but he does need a top of the line paint gun. Toys for hobbyist? Sure.

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>mailman put my monthly Harbor Freight catalog in my mailbox
>put my neighbors catalog in by mistake
>mine came with the usual “$5 off” and first couple pages were coupons
>neighbors catalog had the coveted 20% coupon and his entire catalog was like 10-15 pages of nothing but coupons
What gives? Do they only send the coupons and good catalogs to the boomers?

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>What gives? Do they only send the coupons and good catalogs to the boomers?

Nah you just gotta be a decent customer... I got these gift cards all sent to me... Almost 4k worth of gift cards there. Each one but the last one were all maxxed out with $250 on them.

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Don’t forget about the auto parts stores if you catch a deal, lots of them are stepping up. VatoZone’s Duralast is lots of Taiwan, Advance Auto has TEQ Pro which is rebranded Gearwrench, Napa’s Carlyle tools are very nice too.

Advance Auto always has 25% off online plus SpeedPerks, lotta ratchet here for $30.

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>It’s a little bit nicer than lots of Tekton. On par with little bit better Taiwan like Gearwrench, Sunex, Taiwan Williams.

How exactly did you decide that? Whats your hands on experience with them, because I havent found that to be the case at all.

I actually own tekton, milwaukee, and gearwrench combination wrenches. I have bought Sunex wrenches at work for the crib, and my coworker has a set of Icon stubby wrenches. I have literally handled and used these wrenches.

The Sunex are FIRMLY in the bottom tier, shittiest by far.
Ive found Tekton to be consistently better than Gearwrench in terms of fit and finish. Gearwrench sends out wrenches with serous chrome defects willy nilly and doesnt care, also wont warranty them.
The Icons are not special at all. They seem to be good quality and on par with Tekton and Gearwrench, but not "a little bit nicer". Not be a long shot.
If you had no clue how much they cost or how they were being marketed you would never say they are worth more than double.

The Milwaukees on the other hand have the sizes painted in. The chrome is deep looking. The beams are rounded and very very comfortable, the name is forged into the side and laser etched into the other. Its all just extra polishing and refining on top making it feel like a more expensive product.
Will they work better than the Tektons?
No, but at least you are getting a "nicer" product when paying double.
You cant say the same thing for the Icons.

I bought my milwaukee sets on sale for $85 non ratcheting. Thats for a 15 piece set as opposed to the Icons 14 set by the way.
So even if you do get a rare 20% icon coupon, its on par with the Milwaukees with a coupon while being the shittier wrench set.

Anyone buying Icon tools are fucking stupid.

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My work bought a Bauer drill because bossman is a cheap fuck. We dont drill a lot of holes, but we sometimes remove wood screws out of wooden crates that came in freight. Thats its whole job, remove 20 screws maybe once or twice a week.

The one and only battery that came with it died within months of buying it.
Also its very clear that its an inferior tool to bigger named brands once you have it in your hands. It feels pretty cheap

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Those coupons automatically go in the trash can when I get them. You can get all the coupons online

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Their power tools are junk. You can get ryobi tools for roughly the same price with better quality and a three year warranty.

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Bought the dovetail jig there which is 100+ bucks lower than everyone else. Feels cheap but it's definitely worth it for the price.

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Gonna add the 100$ air compressor, mines been treated like shit and left outside on and off for 6 years now, always works.

Seconded on the impact sockets

1000% on the Predator engines. Put one on a 20 year old "big boy not gay like today" rototiller about 5 years ago. One start pull to this day.

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Fuck now that I think about it that tiller is probably 35 years old craftsman. Bolted 8 horse predator on there and good to go.

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You think the Milwaukee stuff is worth the money after using it?

Tekton, at least the socket sets, they remind me of store brand like Husky and new Craftsman. They’re straight for the money, especially because they don’t skip sizes. Gearwrench has a couple extra touches that make me a fan, knurling on the extensions, proper tapers on the impact sockets and those are laser etched, stamped, and have individual part numbers, something you don’t often get on tools that are affordable for weekenders. Also GW’s all metal ratchets compared with a lot of those Tektons with the plastic switch, same mechanism as the cheap Kobalts and Pittsburghs.

Sunex seemed to have some decent stuff, I haven’t heard anything bad but have yet to play around with much of it.

>90 day warranty
I actually bought a Bauer battery when I had a coupon so I could rip it apart. It had Samsung cells, but there is no balancing board in the battery, so possibly no real protection. The balancing is all done through the charger.

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The mag dishes are great as you're disassembling, but I immediately thread bolts and things through corrugated cardboard. They hold themselves, and you can label each set of bolts and draw diagrams and things right on the cardboard. Number as you disassemble, and you can just reverse the order when you get around to reassembly. It has saved my bacon several times when I let things sit for too long. If you do it right, you can hand the sheet of bolts and nuts to someone else, and they can reassemble it going in blind.

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Huh. Nice idea. I have been sharpi-ing on the trays the general area the bolts/parts are from. But I don't really have enough trays to fit all categories on any decently sized project.

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Post tools

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>no matter what they ask you for your phone number when checking out
>used to say I wasn't interested despite I already unfortunately get them in the mail and my number being in the system
>took longer to tell them to stop bugging me than just give them my phone number
>give up and just give the phone number instead of telling wagies that no, I don't care about getting coupons in the mail

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this faggot has zero clue....
comment was painful to read.

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thanks for putting the newports in the photo, helps show newbs how much of a faggot you actually are.

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Here's a few

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Griprite,senco,Porter Cable,Ramset and do dad's to go along

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Above descriptions

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Cuz them harbor freight compressors don't put out what they say. This bitch pushes 60 cfm at 120 psi.

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I have seen that tip before too, good idea, especially if you’re going to pull something apart and wait a few days for a part. I just stick the nuts and bolts in the same order as I took them out, but I can’t draw little pics on it as easily.

I sort of like the e-reciepts though. Easier to file that shit away for warranty on the cloud than having to dig through a physical folder full of Home Depot’s magic disappearing receipts.

No problem bro

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Looks like shit, but moves like butter and has for 2 generations.

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Good for most hand tools. Sockets/wrench especially with the lifetime guarantee why not as long as you aren't a true professional.

Don't buy any battery powered tool unless its a "one time use" disposable item to you. They change out brands so often you won't be able to buy a new battery in as little as a few months time. (not to mention you can buy a name brand for the same or very little more $)

Bought a single deepwell 19mm impact socket for taking wheels off, was less then $3 with a coupon.

Harbor Freight rule of thumb: Unless it has a lifetime warranty, consider it a single use disposable item. (that might not even make it through that single use)

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Nice looking stool, is that a US general? Don't see it on the site?

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You have a Northern Tool near you? They’re my favorite place for odd single sockets. Taiwan made, they’re Apex (Gearwrench) rebrands, they have whatever Apex’s Surface Drive TM is on the back. The impact sockets have proper tapers, and the store generally has a real good selection of sizes in stock (except for that month after some nog ran off with $$$ worth of loose wrenches and sockets from my NT and totally fucked up their inventory count).

Lowe’s used to have a pretty good selection of loose Kobalt stuff, but now they downsized, plus their goddamn sockets aren’t stamped and the silver etching on a chrome socket is impossible to read in some light. Home Depot has a limited selection depending on the store, but they often seem to be out of stock of the real common sizes as well as the odd sizes that don’t come in full sets.

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No that’s an OEMTools from when I tried to Google it. Harbor Freight’s options look kinda cheap, there’s a round one and a square one, both with little trays on the bottom, regular Chinesium you can find on Amazon. Northern Tool has the same ones as their cheap Ironton brand, and then they have similar but overbuilt ones from their Klutch brand.

Craftsman and a few other brands sell this little Chinese one with a few drawers, I remember it being on sale for like $50 during the holidays.

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I'll second the compressor thing. I found one of those in the trash that some dumbass had run without oil and seized. I added oil, broke it free with a bar, and it's run like a champ for nearly a decade. Granted I don't use it often but it hasn't quit yet.

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Ahh here, I like that Northern Tool one, need to grab it when it goes on sale because that’s the better built one for a manly man who likes to sit on his ass. I think it retails for close to $100 but goes on sale for about half that sometimes.

The two red top ones are the $30 HF options, you can find them rebranded all over the place for cheap, but they are cheap and who knows how long you can scoot on that before it falls apart.

That new yellow Gearwrench looks cool, the little trays on the bottom actually come out so you can bring em right up to whatever you’re working on.

I like the concept of a couple drawers, but I will fill them with crap I think, plus the stool can quickly become 120lbs, I want the trays to stick tools and parts in as I’m rolling around the car because my current setup on brake jobs is a 5gal bucket and some serving tray full of wrenches and hardware.

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I use Snap-On ratchets at work, but I recently got an ICON stubby ratchet. It's smoother than my Snap-On stuff.

>> No.1793771

Are you using the old 936 Snappy ratchets?

>> No.1793790

The AA batteries and zipties are ass. The electrical tape is god's gift to mankind though.

>> No.1793793

I'm talking about the cooupins,not e-receipts.

>> No.1793820


Ahh yes the electrical tape. It started off being amazing, then they cheapened it up and it kinda sucked, but now they're back to some good stuff again! I buy that shit in the 10 roll sleeve and use it in copious amounts because it's fucking cheap.

>> No.1793822

How many payments you got left on your 10pc set of Strap-on sockets?

>> No.1793823

>You think the Milwaukee stuff is worth the money after using it?

I hate the screwdrivers, the cobra clones are bulky but nice, the wrenches feel like some of my more premium brands of wrenches.
The legit feel like a step up from other middling brands.
Their ratchets and square sockets look pretty nice in person too, but I havent touched them out of the package.

Seem to be pretty good stuff overall.

>> No.1793828

its pretty much shit, 1 time use products that you dont want to spend money one, the second time you use that tool it will break.

otherwise they have a few decent things, unibits, tap tools cant think of anything else.

>> No.1793834

Once you have an actual career job and start making actual money, it might surprise you how easy it is to spend your disposable cash on things you want. Even if thats a premium tool.
I personally dont have a lot of Snap-On tools, but its not like I couldnt easily afford them.

Oh no! $200 for a 12 piece 3/8 socket set!
$350 for a wrench set, oh my! Stuff that will literally outlast you with an actual warranty, keeping Americans with well paying manufacturing jobs.
I spent $1800 on VR with full body tracking to get lap dances from e-whores, thats connected to my $3000+ computer. Guess what? That didnt put my in the poor house, and it wasnt that hard to save up for.
I buy middling mechanic tools because I dont like wrenching as a hobby. But if I did I sure as fuck would be buying all Matco and Snap-On stuff.

Whats the point of getting a real job if you are going to be an utter faggot jew once you start bringing in the actual money?

>> No.1793842

Nope, F80

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File: 113 KB, 533x438, fuckHF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1793856

>and it wasnt that hard to save up for.
I agree with you except for that part, I work so much it seems like I never have time to spend my money... oh shit another $30k in the bank, well fuck what should I do with it? down payment on a new truck? move it to another account? toss it at some stocks? oh fuck it I will worry about it when I have some free time.

>> No.1793860

Pawn shops are the best tool stores
>t. knower

>> No.1793866

You really should spend some time budgeting. With the budgeting resources, and how easy it is to auto deposit and Echeck, just set it up and forget it.
Also join your local credit union and stop using shit tier banks. I get monthly dividends, I have automatic triggers to buy CDs when certain accounts get enough money in them. Stuff like that.
You know everything is paid for, and your money is being used responsibly in every way without touching it. Its a freeing feeling when you know that your disposable cash is completely throw in the fucking toilet money.

I grew up really really poor and it took a long time for me to learn to budget, and even longer to accept that spending money is ok.

>> No.1793872


If you earn a living with your tools and only need one set, or have gobs of disposable income then yeah go ahead and buy snap on for everything.

That doesn't mean there isn't a market for cheaper tools that still do the job... As I said in my previous post I have a shit ton of equipment and I like to keep an adjustable wrench or two on each piece of equipment. They don't have to be snap on or crescent quality, they just need to be there for when I need them. They might sit in a toolbox on a tractor for 5 years before ever even being used once, but that one time I do use it will make it worth being there.

Also I need a socket set in my pickup, a socket set in my other pickup, a socket set in my third pickup, a socket set in my service truck, a socket set in my dad's pickup, a socket set in his other pickup, a few socket sets for the big shop a socket set in my garage, and another socket set in my shop at the house... I'm not going to buy all snap on stuff.

>> No.1793879

I agree, I personally have bought a lot of the affordable tools.
I just find it funny that people like >>1793822 worry so much about other peoples finances and what tools they buy. I also find it funny that someone could think that because a cheaper brand cloned their looks, they should be put in the same category as competitors. Its just one legal step away from infringing on SnapOns trademarks.
I personally hate them knocking off other brands looks. That says something about you as a company having to ride coattails

>> No.1794013

Cheap shit from China is over, boys.

>> No.1794017


>> No.1794427

Good, fuck them
Their cheap shit has cost us plenty

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Clean and oil your Snappy.

The 72T Pitt Pro has real low resistance too, I think part of it is the pawls only gripping a few teeth. I gotta take another pic with the Tekton 90T and maybe try out an Icon and borrow an F80. Who wants to donate to the ratchet teardown fund? Would like to get a new Craftsman apart too.

They said this a year or two ago when Trump started talking, but it didn’t really happen.

>> No.1794525
File: 2.21 MB, 4032x3024, D1EE8ED2-2AFA-4734-AF8B-5868205EDA84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Tekton 90T.

>> No.1794543

I'm a part time NEET and paid off my house in my twenties about 5 years ago by not spending my money frivolously. You sound like a faggot boomer. If I had the kind of disposable income you boast about I'd be a multimillionaire. I'm only worth about half a million, but at least I have my health, family and free time. Looking to get back in the job market so I'm about to say goodbye to my time.

>> No.1794563

>Once you have an actual career job
I think I see the problem. We, as in the USA, isn't without its middle class yet, but it's certainly dwindling. It's hard to switch gears and have a high dollar high price economy when the momentum has been going in the opposite direction for decades. Not to mention building dozens if not hundreds of factories in the USA is a huge money pit for companies.

>> No.1794594

Thanks. I ended up getting a Ryobi one that I found on sale online.

>> No.1794610
File: 155 KB, 800x461, 8F109F3E-3C62-4514-B76F-269347D74A13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice. That’s a better buy tbqhwy, even if the same Ryobi is $10-$20 more, the Bauer will cost you in the long run.

If you’re looking for new power tools, wait for Xmas or Father’s Day and you can often get a 5-6 tool kit with a couple batteries for like $200, and they have tons of other shit you never thought existed, and it’s super sweet having cordless versions. I have been shilling the little cordless hybrid fans since I got my Ridgid, it’s got some balls and is great when doing a little project in the garden or driveway on a summer day with no breeze. Plus Ryobi has kept their battery compatibility for like 25 years so they won’t leave you hanging when the next gen comes out.

>> No.1794635

My brother worked for 4 years building custom tow trucks and all he used were a set of tools from Harbor Freight. He saw a few guys in the shop dropping half their paychecks on the tool truck because "muh snappys!" One goyim was even living in a camper parked outside the fence so he could afford his tools.
My brother died 4 years ago and I have all his tools still. The shop closed down and two of the other mechanics went into debt because they couldn't afford their tools anymore.

>> No.1794735

I really only use basic hand tools, and I'm extremely hard on them, so Harbor Freight just isn't worth it to me. They definitely have their place as an affordable option with decent quality, but for me there's just no reason to buy shit I know is going to break in just a little while.

I make welded sculpture, so the most advanced thing I work with is a buzzbox that gets the job done, and an angle grinder. Every hand tool, pliers, hammers, files, saws, etc from HF has outright broken or felt like it was going to after maybe a month of abuse. Now I pretty much only use a couple ancient tools I got from old farts and garage sales that were made back when anything less than indestructible was a fucking embarrassment. And to be honest I do most of the actual work involved with just my hands and some leverage, maybe making a bending jig out of some scrap metal if need be.

>> No.1794737

What kind of welding do you do? (MIG, etc.)

>> No.1794748
File: 332 KB, 1280x958, 2E46C46C-42F5-4D7E-AA28-A8DE37656838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Walmart is the new HF
I shoulda snagged that glue gun, they had big ass bags of Gorilla Glue sticks for like $3 as well. Shoulda snagged another pair of the Channellocks too just because of the price.

>> No.1794754
File: 43 KB, 522x622, 1B444C87-BB3B-4CD9-926D-D061845786D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And they had pic related for $3. I didn’t know Walmart dabbled in missing 10s.

>> No.1794761
File: 3.00 MB, 3984x2988, Chance_Encounter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a rudimentary knowledge of all types in school, but I only got a sculpture welding cert which is basically a piece of paper that says my shit probably won't fall down right away.

Mig was definitely my preference in school but at home I just have a little stick welder. That being said I do kind of like stick a little more, not for professional reasons but like, I feel like it has more personality to it. Fucking hate TIG tho. I need to feel the crackle and resistance to really get a sense of what's happening in the weld and TIG is all visual zero tactile feedback.

Pic related is the kind of stuff I made in school. I probably wouldn't attempt something that difficult with a stick welder though.

>> No.1794823

>I get monthly dividends
My local CU doesn’t do this unless you have like $3k in one account and at that point you might as well get a CD so they can give you 2.5% instead of 2%
>yay jewish banking economy

>> No.1794934

never again!

>> No.1794939

There great for the one time use tool or weekend hobbyist. For professional use I don't waste my time

>> No.1794945

I see all the walmarts near me getting expanded tool sections. Its to be half an isle with just dremel stuff and cheap cordless drills and drill bits. Now its 2 full isles with the middle ripped out so they can showcase tool chests and air compressors, pressure washers and the like.

There is an older, very big walmart near me.
It had this expanded tool section for several years before any of the other ones.
It had a full display of individual polished Stanley sockets and wrenches. They clearanced out all the individual tools a while back though.
The ratcheting Hyper Tough wrenches are made in Taiwan

>> No.1794950
File: 674 KB, 499x335, BeatKids.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>actually wanting another useless pair of tongue and groove pliers
>actually wanting another useless 12" adjustable wrench
>not having a single temp ~100 watt glue gun already

I wonder what actual useful tool you could spend that ~$30 on, instead of impulse buying a bunch of horseshit you wont use like a retard.

>> No.1795035
File: 409 KB, 1280x958, 2D3DF47C-0937-4044-B789-8FCA7673F4A0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They’re replacing tons of it with that Hart stuff.

I already have those same Channellock 440 12” pliers, I left that one alone. I rarely ever use those anyway, I like muh Knipex instead with the V-jaw. I grabbed the adjustable tho, for $9 I’ll get some use out of it one day since it’s a little larger, although I reach for the pliers wrench before a crescent wrench, might toss that Crescent in my work bag.

>> No.1795046

they should just go full chink and also offer various electronics, components, controllers etc instead of just construction equipment. basically like a large aliexpress garbage store

>> No.1795049

I don’t think there would ever be a large enough market, the few independent places that sell those can barely keep up. Plus HF only sells sets of shit, so you would need to buy a 307pc set to get 2 of what you need.

>> No.1795121

>although I reach for the pliers wrench before a crescent wrench
If you didnt waste so much god damn money on redundant and stupid tools, you could afford to buy some Jumbo wrenches one of these days.

>> No.1795327
File: 1.27 MB, 2508x1045, 9A34055C-323D-4365-AF57-AA6FBD543920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re not wrong

>> No.1795564

>Cheap shit from China is over, boys
Fuck chinks why can't we just have poos make all the dirt cheap tools etc...

>> No.1796782

I got most my tools from harbor freight, it's cheap and host the simple tools are hard to fuck up as their solid fucking metal. I'm not a faggot who worries about snap-on swag for leasing a tool box. Unless I worked at a dealership, I have no reason to pay more than a couple bucks for a wrench.