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Is watercolor a good paint type for painting a glass door or should I use a special type? I already have paste for the outline. Pic related is what I want to draw with the help of projector

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Water color will not stick to glass.

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You need acrylic paint, glue, and sealant. Real stained glass is made at the manufacturing stage though.

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Get something like this, its specifically made to imitate real stained glass


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I'm guessing I have to mix the paint with the glue before applying. The sealant is supposed to be for the lines?

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On glass I can picture it becoming grainy and scratched off slowly.

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No you can’t “watercolor” on glass.
Real Stained glass “enamel” is a mixture of finely ground glass, and toxic metals, and pigment or powdered glass, that needs to be fired at a high tempurture till it melts and fuses on the glass.
The powder can be mixed with different mediums, bit it is very involved.
For what you’re doing, there are enamels specifically made for home oainting glass for stained glass effects.
Pebeo Vitrail is one.
Marabu Glas is another glass enamel.
There are other whose names I can’t remember at the moment.

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In that you are asking these questions and showing that picture you are going to be greatly disappointed in anything you make. That is a high end craftsmanship peace of glass work. I admire you for taking on a project like that but if you do give your self a lot of slack. Start small to understand how your material works. Do a little project that is just fun and go from there. That stained glass in the picture is made with leaded "came" with fired stain glass and has taken the craftsman many years to develop the skills to make. Do not fuck yourself, start on something small without expectations on your part. Do not be serious and have fun.

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Shit...acrylic paint blocks out the light. You need a product that lets light pass through. This a big undertaking you are facing.You might get some results by testing with glue and acrylic paint but it will be a long process. Possible youtube guys have got something on that. Try youtube.

or spend some money

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