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How do I learn more about locks, dismantling locks and picking locks?

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Watch Lock Picking Lawyer on YouTube.

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Bosnian Bill is also good, and Samy Kamkar for combination locks

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How do I pick this as a beginner?

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I'm too dumb to pick locks, do bump keys work good for brainlets?

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Why are you trying to pick a lock if you're dumb and don't want to learn how to not be dumb?

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I lost my keys officer

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Watch one of the YouTubers mentioned above and try to emulate their moves. Getting a good twisting leverage with one hand and shaking the second one in the hole like a retard works 99% of time.

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Agreed. LPL is the entrance to the rabbit hole.

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Buy one of these and a couple different types of locks. Practice for an hour or two and now you can pick your way through most locks.. Kronos automatic lockpick. Unless you want to do it as a hobby there is no point in manual lock picking.

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Well, it's already out of the housing so, all you need is a shim, follow and key blank that fits.

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Getting key decoder lock picks looks amazing for learning, like the ones he just showed off for best cylinders

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Lockpicking lawyer on YouTube. He's pretty fucking excellent.

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As someone that keyed locks for a Division 08 distributor for years..... Lock picking isnt practical. Just cut/break your way in. Short of picking and old dirty Schlage C keyway residential cylinder or a Kwikset picking locks in a real world scenario isnt easy. Its not a necessary skill.

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look through here

read this https://cdn.locklab.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Lockpicking-Detail-Overkillevva3ks.pdf?x13003 pass:evva3ks

watch LPL and bosnian bill


get a few good picks and tension wrenches and some locks and start at it

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