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Is this some kind of processed aluminum? Is it possible to replicate it in home environment?

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Looks like powdercoated sheet metal. Could be aluminum, but I would expect steel to be more likely. Check with a magnet. And no, that is not a home finish. You can get something similar with paint, but it would be far less durable. Less uniform if you aren't pretty good at it too.

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Thanks for reply. Is there any other not too complicated way to give a metal sheet rough, matte texture?

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>And no, that is not a home finish.
Eh? They sell powder coating kits at Horrible Freight. Obtain oven (toaster will do if the item fits), spray, bake as per directions.

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>They sell powder coating kits at Horrible Freight.
These are remarkably not completely horrible.

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OP here. Thanks for replies. Gonna try finding one of these powder coating kits in my area. If I won't be able to make anything looking close to op pic related, I'll have to think about other options of making pretty looking metal plates. Anodization is prolly the easiest one, but I don't think shiny metal will look good in my project. Got any recommendations for making expensive/high-quality looking metal for different kinds of cases, boxes and other stuff with simple shapes?

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>Got any recommendations for making expensive/high-quality looking metal for different kinds of cases, boxes and other stuff with simple shapes?
You can buy existing enclosures of this type from both industrial supply and electronic supply. I'm sure there are Amazon sellers that sell something similar with the holes already in the top plate. If you wanted to add the holes yourself you will need a knockout punch or hole saw for each size.

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Alright OP.

That powder coat is "hammer finish".
If you can't find hammer, "wrinkle" has same look just not quite as defined.
Use an electric oven (gas will blow off the powder).
Normally the metal is electrostatically charged and the powder adheres evenly.
You can use flour sifters (like for cooking) to do it without that electric setup.
You need an oven capable of 400°.
Read packaging for duration (usually 20-30 minutes).
Find a YouTube video for further clarification.

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Thanks! This was extremely helpful. Gonna try it in a few days and post results in another thread
I'm not interested in arcade stick cases only and I don't need only one or two of those. Wanna try running a small business

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what the hell is processed aluminum? its metal, not a frozen chicken patty!

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don't bother with making another thread, just post your updates here. this board is slow enough the thread will be here for a while.

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Woah check out that fancy ass fingerbox

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look into liquid powder coating , you mix the powder coat with an additive in a blender , spray with a paint spray gun instead of paint and then bake , i'm sure it would be cheaper overall than a powdercoating kit .

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bet it's a multi-user model, my dad used to have one way back. His broke though, my brother dropped it down a flight of stairs.

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just buy hammerite

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