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I understand why you use left and right aviation snips, but what straight and bulldog snips?

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Straight is "neutral" and easier to use when going in both directions over a long distance.

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what are bulldogs?

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straight is for when you are cutting into the middle of a piece, not an edge, and not cutting deeper than the depth of the blade

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Bulldog snips are for cutting things like slocks. They are short nosed snips

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short jaw snips that are made for cutting through really thick material

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As a sparky, straight is all I use.
95% of the shit I cut with it is smaller than the length of the blade anyways so it doesn't really matter

I got a 2 pack with one straight and one red the other day. Maybe I will need it some day... maybe...

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pardon my ignorance, but why would an electrician need snips?

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can be used to take the jacket off bx cable
in steel stud structures the boxes (metal boxes) sometimes have extra mounting shit that in some situations gets in the way so the snips can cut it off
rough in plates for pot lights sometimes need to be trimmed a bit
lots of stuff

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metal studs my dude

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most duct work is seamed at some portion of it. Seamed as in it's multiple layers of metal layered onto one another. Trying to cut that with normal snips sucks. In fact, you really can't cut it. Best you can do is just wiggle the snips up and down to tear through the metal. Or bust out the channies to fucking power through.

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I have never had a seam that couldn't be cut with left or right snips. I only use bulldog snips for "s" lock because it gets tiring to cut them over and over with left or right snips.

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If it's an option then cut them in bulk with a band saw. That's what I do when I'm hanging a long run of duct.

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Framers are shitbags, that's why.

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In addition to cutting metal studs they’re great for trimming the pointy ends off flex conduit

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Oh I can cut it, but like I said it's not a precise cut at all. It's more of a tearing effect. Makes the seam all jagged and shitty. Then I have to get hand seams and flatten it out to fit slock into it.
Bulldog snips fix this. Bull dogs are a god send when doing a lot of duct work when reusing a good portion of the old duct system.

>that time I watched a greenhorn try to cut into a pits seam with angled wire snips, only for it to not work and then watch him get a pair of pillars and just start ripping and tearing the fuck out of it to get it off

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I was confused about bulldogs cause there appears to be a aviation snip version and shear version.

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I use bulldog snips instead of diagonal cutters to the scorn of many journeymen electricians.

Compound cutting action, and just as effective. Cheaper too. Diagonal cutters are rated to only cut copper and mild steel, whereas bulldog snips can cut sheet metal, copper, everything but nails and screws.

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Only problem I could see with that is fitting them into a tight spot. But even then, you probably have a pair of diagonal cutters some where in case that situation a rises

>senior techs dislick my little 12v one hand sawzall being used to cut 3/4 condensate pipe
>they use racket cutters
>their cuts are always a tad bit off from straight
>constantly busting blades/rackets and needing to buy new ones
>been using the same bi metal blade for about 7 months for all PVC cuts, from 3/4 to 3"
>tears right through them, perfectly straight cuts

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Cause he wants to carry more instead of using his dykes

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