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Why am I seeing so many roofs being done now in literal freezing temperatures. Are these people retarded?

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I've seen that some contractors will charge less during winter to spur business. But, no matter the time of year if your roof is fucked it needs to be fixed ASAP

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Construction sales is all the same.
Fuck you, fuck my neighbor. Give me money.

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>he wants to work in the blistering sun during the height of summer
Well, okay, you do that.

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yeah let's just do it when the shingles are frozen stiff

I've seen them even shovel snow and ice of a roof to do it

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Way to out yourself on not working /out/side. Still, watching guys roof in the summer in florida in long sleeves and pants above all those shingles lets you know how good you have it

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Roofing is one of those things I look at and say, "yep, they're fucking earning that money". Just from doing minor roof repairs I legitimately don't know how humans can survive that in the summer.

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>that chimney
I hope fixing it is in scope.

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>It never rains in summer

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I waited to install a roof vent until it was freezing and sunny. Put on my coveralls and stayed comfy, didn't even break a sweat.

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This. I work for a roofing contractor who is really cool. We probably work 4 hours a week when the weather is nice, even less in the winter and summer, but we get paid full time so it's ok.

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incoherent rage about something that has nothing to do with you?

I always try to have any work done outside during the winter or early spring because it's fucking blazing hot any other time where I live. Every contractor has thanked me for that.

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>OMG, snow.
>I guess I just won't get a paycheck until spring...
Fucking retard.
Stop being a NEET.
Move out of you parents basement.
Grow up.

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I love how no one in this thread understands why laying shingles below 40f is a problem. You only nail the upper edge of the shingle that then gets covered by the shingle above it which has an adhesive strip on it. When it's cold the adhesive doesn't work and your shingles don't stick to each other until it warms up allowing water to get in underneath or in strong winds damages the shingles. It has nothing to do with working in the cold you goofballs.

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>asphalt shingles

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how does the tar on the back of shingles melt together to join them if the temperature is below what the manufacturer says the roof should be done at?

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you like 5 year fiberglass ones?

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>build roof from shit material
>needs to be changed soon since shit material
>change it with shit materials
>need to change it again soon since shit material
>everyone looses money
>everyone is employed
>need to employ more people
>employ illegal mexicans
>illegal mexicans remove whitey from job
>whitey ends up on drugs
>employ people to stop whitey using drugs


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>be american
>build roof from shit material
>roof rots since shit material
>need to employ more people to fix roofs constantly
>need to throw money to fix problems that shouldnt even exist
>ponzi skeme makes everyone employed

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>implying the scorching heat of the summer wont correct any issues caused by winter installations.

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no air gap
osb cardboards
just why? is it that much cheaper, planned obsolescence or just lack of knowledge?

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My friend did it for a couple years and only made 500$ a week, he was miserable. When he was not working he was either drunk or doing blow. Works as a bartender now and is much happier because he doesnt have to work with ex cons who tried to get him to do a home invasion.

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m e t a l

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This is the point I’m trying to make

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In the UK
>We only use shingles for outbuildings and cucksheds. (and for them we don't really use shingles but rolls of roofing felt.)
Anywhere people have to live gets proper roofing tiles which can survive decades of water, rain and snow.

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It's 80 degrees on Friday where I live. HA HA

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>Putting on a new roof before fixing the chimney

As a brickie i can’t stand retards that do this. And there are a lot of retards that do this.

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>Why am I seeing so many roofs being done now in literal freezing temperatures.
>Why am I seeing so many roofs being done now in literal freezing temperatures.
>Why am I seeing so many roofs being done now in literal freezing temperatures.
>Why am I seeing so many roofs being done now in literal freezing temperatures.
so the temp is the same as your IQ?

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Hey dont worry bout it, it's a UK thing

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Who, the roofers or the homeowners who hired them? I mean if you had a leak, how long would you wait? The roofers tho, yeah retarded. But I believe anyone who willingly lives where it gets that cold is retarded, or at least are just psychopaths. Who hates sunny days that much

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risk vs reward. the chance of something bad happening is small. if it does the contractor should make it right. otherwise you get a sunny 20 to 30 degree day and those tar strips will warm up and seal.

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Here roofs are done this way:

-Waterproof layer

Even if the tile fails, it won't leak. Proper aircap is essential to prevent condensing.

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>Here roofs are done this way:

EXCEPT the roof immediately in the background clearly is not done that way

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You use cold weather adhesive, you fucking retard. The world doesn’t suddenly stop because some NEET can’t comprehend more than one adhesive existing.

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>>be american
>>build roof from shit material
>>roof rots since shit material
>>need to employ more people to fix roofs constantly
>>need to throw money to fix problems that shouldnt even exist
>>ponzi skeme makes everyone employed

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warms up in the sun

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Christmas money didn't cover 4 months of unpaid meth addiction.

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>s it that much cheaper
Cheaper. SOOO much cheaper. You have no idea. I replaced some old roof decking a while back and a 4'x8' OSB board costs slightly more than a 1"x6"x8' real wood plank. The wood was $9 and the OSB was $12. Plywood was $22 for a 4x8. It would have cost $72 to use real wood compared to one sheet of $12 OSB. Plus it is faster to install and needs fewer nails. As I was just replacing a small area and the previous decking lasted 70 years I went with the real wood but god damn, my shitty little 2/1 house from the 50s would cost like $600k to make today using the same materials as they did back in the day. It is clad in shiplap, and 1 by materials.

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>no air gap
what is this and for what purpose

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Haha, that should wouldn't pass muster around me. Here you have to wire each tile to the support structure. That shit would fly off the first big wind that came up. Slope is too shallow also but we get a lot of snow.

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so you want people to starve to death in the winter and work themselves to death in the summer?

seems like a good way to never have any roofers around when you need one.

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To circulate air in the attic so you get rid of moisture

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That is not the attic sir, that is the roof and sheathing on it.

>its wet, dont get osb wet
The roof failed, anything would have gotten wet and fucked up

>but its osb so you need to replace it, real wood would have dried out and been fine
And it's still cheaper than real wood.

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Enjoy premature failure of your shingles because they don't bond in cold.

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Some people work for a living OP, they don't get their money from mommy and daddy. You should come down southwest during the summer and see how brutal the heat is and the amount of people who still work.

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Yeah the south is crazy hot in the summer. It's like fucking 80 out right now,and it's raining.

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putting the top roof straight on wood like that and its doomed to rot away one day.

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Companies around here will use a propane torch to get the shingles to seal until a warmer sunny day can fully warm up the roof.

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Its either that or have a roof fail prematurely anyway because of inferior materials.
Metal and tile roofs are best. Metal is great if you live somewhere with lotsa snow a year if its on a steep pitch.

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Houses here are pretty much universally brick except for wooden shacks that destitute-tier poverty people like in (I actually like wood houses but that's not much of an option)
>wood frame to hold up roof
>wood planks to do the actual covering
>waterproof later, usually impermeable membrane
>corrugated sheet metal nailed down real fucking tight
>hot tar along every edge, seam, or nail head
Looks fine, I've never seen a house where a drop of water goes through the roof, lasts 25 years at least, and the best part is the sound when it does rain. Now humidity getting into the cement from elsewhere and walls cracking due to foundation shifting no matter how thick you make the god damn thing (mostly in my local area), those are the real problems.

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How would you do that with anything other than some kind of tile roof? It wouldn't work with asphalt shingles or rolled roofing.

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Because winter is when they fail and need mending straight away. Winds, rain and cold mean if you have a hole / gap you quickly know about it and need it sorted pronto, even though it's shitty weather for the job.

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Guys I have a question.
What is the cheapest method to fix a leaking flat roof?
Would it be tar and mesh?
What are the best products for this?
Size is 35x35
How much would this cost to hire a contractor to do?

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The thing about European ignorance in the realm of construction that amazes me most? They don't realize we only refined European techniques. Yes believe it or not, asphalt "shingles" are a replacement for traditional cedar shingles/shakes, that have always been applied directly on top of the roof sheathing.

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cold hurts heat just is really annoying in other words.

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Spanish style curved tiles are fucking garbage and never should be used. When they get older than 10 years they constantly break if you walk on them and the retard homeowners never have replacement tiles so their roof is just fucked

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sounds like it sucks, i'd rather not!

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