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which diy project if i mastered would give me the maximum probability of getting laid?

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Whichever nets you 2-300$ for a hooker.

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Diy ghb

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Lose weight
Contacts > Glasses
Well fitting clothes
Good posture
Eye contact
Whiten Teeth

The only DIY that will help you get laid more is DIY on yourself

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Sexdoll crafting

>> No.1755254

currency counterfeiting

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Making clothes/shoes/jewelry so you could make a girl clothes that look good that no other girl could buy. It will make her feel special, and girls love to make each other envious.
Couldn't hurt to be able to build shelves and stuff for her things as well. Maybe a little wooden chest for her jewelry or makeup.

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just learn to play guitar

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DIY on making you a chad or an asshole

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