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how do i remove gorilla glue from my hand?
i have tried hot water, liquid laundry detergent, salt and soap, and my hand is still sticky.

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Try acetone. If that doesn't do it, break out the flap-disc.

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have you tried cum?

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wtf? my finger prints are all gone!

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Last time I got gorilla glue on my fingers I stuck them in your mom's asshole and when I pulled them back out there wasn't a trace of glue on them anymore... Might give that a try Anon.

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It's the perfect caper.

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Try pissing on your hands and then rubbing the glue off. You'd be surprise how useful your piss is.

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Urethane glue sticks to everything and is solvent resistant, nothing you have available will dissolve it.
Depending on how much glue on your hands, it usually takes a few weeks for the skin under the glue to slough off and take the glue with it.
Soaking your hands in a tub of hot water and dish detergent for a few hours will break down your skin faster.
You can peel it off a bit at a time.

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Salt + soap and hot water
Scrub like hell

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i usually just try to isolate the area of my skin that have glue on it then it falls off after time. locate the glue and assess the situation. find the the skinniest part of flesh it is connected to. next, tightly wind rope, string, or wire around this section of your flesh. over time the blood vessels will constrict separating the glued part of your skin with the rest of your healthy body. its just that easy.

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If it already cured, nothing. If it's still wet, acetone

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