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I'm planning on building a wall-mounted workbench to make the most of my garage, what's the best way to mount this into a brick wall?

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Bolt it to the wall with screws that go through the whole wall
But it's never going to be as sturdy as a wokbench with legs. Why are legs a problem? You have plenty of space under the table

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I want it to be completely flush with the wall and I don't want legs in the front as I need to easily move back and forth across it, so I want a large amount of the load bared by the wall

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I build one and wall bared weight a lot by use achors.

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Build a normal one.
You waste more space with the wall construction.
Store your stuff under it, build some drawers as well.
I never had problems with the legs or are you planing to sit in front of it?
Pic related could be nice. You can remove the toolbox while working.

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One way would be to attach a horizontal piece like you have in your pic to the brick wall with a combination of both industrial adhesive and (the important part) anchors into the brick if you can't go all the way through as guy above recommended. Cinder blocks or solid brick? Then build up kinda like pic related for every day use. Then, take some time to make yourself some vertical legs that can be put in when you need to really beat on some shit, or put something heavy there, and removed when you aren't putting it to strenuous use. So, hammer drill, anchors, bolts, some some stuff like liquid nails only better, etc.

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On the concrete, is it a block wall? Brick wall? Or solid concrete wall?

Also what if you used metal legs that run down the wall on the back side of the table, and then you can bolt them to the floor? If you are going in to a solid concrete wall or slab, wedge it bolts would be great, like 1/2inch by 4 inches long or so.

Block wall, drilling all the way through to the other side and using bolts with nuts is the best thing. For real heavy loads, I've seen them run a piece of metal running horizontal with the floor on the block wall, where you put the metal on top of the block and then attach the bolts through the metal and the block wall and put nuts on the other side. Basically making an oreo with metal on both sides of the block (extra strength) and then using bolts to hold it all together.

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Suspend it from the ceiling joists.

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>I don't want legs in the front as I need to easily move back and forth across it

ITT OP is a fatass who will sit in a chair at his workbence because hes a fat bastard who will get too winded walking back and forth across the bench and will have to have his oxygen intake to keep his lardass from passing out while he works on his workbench doing fat people things

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ignore the other posters and do exactly what is in your pic. make sure the ledger boards are fastened into the brick with big ass masonry anchors. maybe even use some concrete adhesive to make it rock solid (ie drill a 1/2" hole with a hammer drill, glue in 1/2" threaded rod, and bolt the ledger to that.

as long as the ledgers are solid and level, you can't really go wrong from there.

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best way is to attach your ledgers with bolts that go all the way through the brick. next best is lags and shields.

consider attaching fold away legs just for the times you really need to put some weight on it

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m10 studding and chemfix, but if you will be hammering on it i would put legs on it

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Here's a thought. Have legs on the back. That will support the weight,. Attaching to the wall will only have to keep it from pivoting.

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