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I'm looking for a good Mid-torque 1/2 drive impact gun to use at work(heavy equipment mechanic) it won't be used daily, just for quick jobs when I dont want to use air thus it doesn't have to be top shelf. I was considering a Ridgid Octane but don't know much about their products other than they share a parent company with Milwaukee. Any help is appreciated.

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>Lifetime warranty on anything including batteries
Ridgid is worth it for that alone.

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Lifetime warranty is only on batteries that come as part of a kit. If you buy individual batteries, you get 3 years.

I got it. It’s straight so far. Haven’t tried it on a stubborn axle nut or anything, but it zips off lugnuts that required some good force with a 25in breaker bar to remove.

It won’t touch the big Milwaukee on shit that you can’t remove with hand tools, but it will sure as hell speed up stuff that is a pain in the ass by hand. Not sure about the whole Octane vs regular battery, haven’t tested it, but they claim like 25% more power with an Octane pack over a 4.0Ah, and 1/2” impacts always suffer a bit with real small packs so don’t use a 2.0Ah.

That being said, Ridgid’s lineup is limited. I would rather have the big Milwaukee but I already had Ridgid stuff, and that thing is still powerful for a mid-torque. I was close to getting the Kobalt because it goes on sale real cheap with a 4.0 pack and charger, it’s larger than the Ridgid so despite the marketing numbers, I’m guessing it’s power is somewhere between the Ridgid and high torque Milwaukee.

Speed settings are nice, I set it to A to remove stuff at full power, and 1 to put lug nuts back on, right around 100ft-lbs with a second or two of hammering. This 6.0Ah lasts forever, took wheels off and back on like a dozen times over a couple weeks and it’s down to 3 bars. It’s powerful for the size too, my corded Porter Cable was much larger physically and took longer to remove lugnuts, I think these brushless motors spin so fast that they can get more power from a smaller hammer mechanism.

I’m just a weekender tripfag tho...

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If you’re a heavy equipment goy by trade, you should just get the big Milwaukee, especially if you haven’t used a cordless impact from the newest generation of tools.

I say that not because the Ridgid is bad, but because cordless impacts are so good now that you will barely use the air tools. So if you go Milwaukee (mid torque or high torque), you will probably want the other torque range model plus the little M12 Fuel stubby guy.

I would definitely own a bunch of Milwaukee 18V and 12V mechanic’s tools if I did this for a living.

Fwiw, if you do the Ridgid, make sure to follow the warranty registration BS. They purposely make it a little difficult sometimes. I was reading the reviews before I bought the Ridgid, and almost all of the reviews below 4-5 Stars were from people complaining that they thought the lifetime warranty was just like Husky hand tools where you bring the thing in with no receipt and Shaq’wandaa tells you to go grab a new one off the shelf.

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I never had an issue with the Ridgid warranty and have had one of my 4Ah batteries recently replaced.

I was told to recycle the old battery but all of the 18650s inside were still good, the controller board crapped out.

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Kobalt Impact Wrench with the 1/2 drive

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I hate to agree with a tripfag but definitely consider the high torque milwaukee. We use them where I work and I absolutely love them. They pretty much deprecate pneumatic guns.

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Bought this one with a $100 gift card I got for Xmas and paid the rest in cash. I have to say that this is one of the nicest impacts I've ever owned. I hardly ever use my pneumatic impact for anything anymore.

When I had my Ryobi impact that shit would hardly break anything. Granted it was only $100 for the set it, did ok but this Milwaukee here is a fucking game changer. Shit was definitely worth the extra coin. It's definitely a big boy/money maker tool.

I honestly don't have anything to say bad about ridgid I still own some stuff from them and I use to have a drill/impact set from them that I put through hell. I sold them a few years back cause I didn't like that batt life on them but this was before I knew about brusless/batt amps. I always went through my two 1.5ah in a day.

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No recommendation on the impact but if you don't already own a torque multiplier like an X-4, you want one. They break loose hardware that laughs at impacts.

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Yeah I've owned this thing for 2 years its a beast. Recently I bought a 1/2in square to drill chuck adapter and that has been a game changer as well.

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I think the newest Ridgid is a little more powerful than this, kind of the same range. I say he should get the Milwaukee because he will want the high torque next.

Best buy for the money with battery included, but their tool lineup sucks and that brand is sort of dying.

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True. If your already vested in the ridgid battery setup than I'd say go for it. HomeDepot has a deal for the impact and battery for $149. Which is a good ass deal. If your looking for a good 1/2 impact.

I just stuck with Milwaukee cause I own a few things from there line up and have m18 batteries. Though it is expensive the tool has never let me down to ever consider regretting the purchase. It's unbelievably smooth and the torque on it is controlled so well that it doesn't leave my wrist aching.

Plus red and black are my favorite colors :)

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I need to do a battery comparison on that thing. It was rated at 450ft-lbs of torque before the Octane batteries were released, and then it was jacked up to 620ft-lbs with an Octane pack. I’m guessing it’s like Ryobi strength with a 2.0 pack.

And the other option for buying, I believe they still have the free tool deal for $160 or $170 if you buy the Octane battery pack with a couple of batteries and a charger. If the 3.0 Octane packs really put out more power than the older 4.0, it’s worth spending the extra $20 to get 2x 3.0’s instead of 1x 4.0Ah pack.

I got mine last year for like $180 with a 3.0 and a 6.0 Octane pack plus the larger charger. I’m not sure if the bigger charger is any faster or better, but I think it’s dual chemistry and will also charge the old NiCd packs, which doesn’t matter to me anyway.

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