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Fixing up an old coffee grinder, any ideas on how to get this sucker apart?

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Start by loosening and backing out the locking pin.

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Looks like there's an indent for a set screw or pin that holds the right horizontal rod into the gear. There's probably one on the vertical gear as well. They're both probably gunked up with years of crud so pick all the dirt out so you can see whats it is and hit it with some penetrating oil.

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Circled in red here is a worm screw that should come out with a small allen key. Once it's removed, the shaft should pull out to the side, and once the gear itself comes off the shaft, the other gear that's meshed to it should move as well. There may be a second worm screw in that second gear, which frees it from the vertical shaft.

Once those gears and shafts are removed, the rest may readily come apart. If not, there could also be screws in the sides where the bottom cup piece meets the top axle support piece.

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No idea, but if you do take it apart, mark the gears so they can be reassembled with the teeth meshing exactly the same as before, The teeth have likely worn and every tooth is different now, if you do not get them back together the exact same way they will run rough and be noisy.

Learned this when I took apart my coffee grinder, had to just pull it apart, rotate a gear one tooth, reassemble and repeat until I got it running smooth and quiet again. Mine has three gears, so it took a fair amount of time to get them all lined up right. Won't be too bad for you, but marking the gears will be easier.

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It’s a fucking coffee grinder you retard, not a truck differential from the 1920s

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OP here, thanks for your help guys.
Will get back to it tomorrow morning, might even make a thread showing the outcome if anyone is interested.

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I'd grind his beans, if you know what I mean

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I can't even post on /diy/ without being ogled

Big Dick Problems

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this is too advanced for you I recommend you start with something simple like chewing bubble gum.

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have you tried turning it off and back on again?

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