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What wonderful projects are you niggers up to currently?
First storm of the year, went out a few hours ago and pulled out the blower and started to go to work about half way into the projected time it's coming down.
About 80% in it stopped throwing with authority, found it odd, tried cleaning it to see if it was clogged, nothing.
Auger wasn't spinning. Decided to break it in half and pull the gearbox. After gas spills, a sheared bolt, and a big fucking mess, I was treated to this.
Worm gear that drives the auger is mulched from 11 years of my mother using it. At least things look salvageable.
God bless the engineer who actually added a failure point to the system so the rest of the box didn't get fucked, worm gear on the impeller shaft looks nice, no burrs from cursory feels.

Got that to do, then my boiler's been leaking, and have to pray my car passes inspection, mower deck is blown out from 15 years of use and have to try to reteach myself some welding skills after not laying a bead in over half a decade in a garage with no heat, a dinky 110 flux machine.
Wish I had the luxury of doing something mechanical for leisure once in a while.

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Rebuilding two chainsaws. Bare bones on up. One will need new bearings and plastic while other should be good with just a new jug and piston. Waiting on paint and seals.
Once that's done will finish my plasma cutter so I can move on to the next project.

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just finished building a hydraulic bearing puller.

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My mental to do list

>finish building bandsaw mill
>Finish kitchen remodel for wife
>get a good start on new deck this summer
>finish clearing land for pole barn
>new soffit and eavestrough on house
>finish up few things on the truck I semi-restored
>finish salvaging camper trailer frame
>build car hauler/utility trailer from it
>build cab and a quick attach for tractor
>build wood splitter
>put up fencing for animals
>build chicken coop

The list always seems to get longer instead of shorter. I just seem to take on a bunch of different projects and hop back and forth on them to avoid getting burnt out.

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what the fuck country are you from?

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Gutters go on streets and bowling alleys. Not houses

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Trying to make a hair dryer out of scrap motor i took from a car with a 5w adapter, but the problem is i couldn't make a heating coil, any help? Youtube and all those stuff just makes me more confused, any ideas or new ways to make it work bros?

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>make a hair dryer

wtf.. why? its safer and easier to buy a cheapo one than build one out of shitty car parts

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Dont make your own hair drier, but you can find hot air gun heating elements on aliexpress for cheap if you insist.

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A leaf acting like his English is any more correct than any other country's version? They must have boooomers in Caynada, too, eh?

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The proper spelling is Canadia. Because, you know, it's full of Canadians. If it was Canada it would be full of Canadans.

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Are you the dude who posted in /ohm/ about this? You need WAAAAAY more than 5W to heat that thing up. And since you obviously don’t know what you’re doing, I would not mess with 100s of watts of power. You’ll probably kill you self if it’s high enough voltage so please stay away from that.

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I’m working on an electromagnetic accelerator, a mix of a coil gun and rial gun. I finished the coil gun part and it fires at a respectable 110fps already and I expect to get another 30fps out of it with some fine tuning. However, the third stage of the accelerator is a rail gun and I need a very hard and conducive metal for it. I wanted to use copper beryllium plates for this since it fits the bill (very conductive and will be able to handle the arcs/heat okay), but I’m having a hard time finding it in 2mm flat bar in the USA. I found some 2mm round bar that might work but it’s from China and I don’t want shitty Chineseium metal.

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Take some of that gold and cash it in and take it to a shop.

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>God bless the engineer who actually added a failure point to the system so the rest of the box didn't get fucked, worm gear on the impeller shaft looks nice, no burrs from cursory feels.
I had a belt sander with a design like that. It's all well and good until they don't make the gear anymore and you have to get a used replacement from eBay or have someone custom mill you one. Then you are kind of out of luck no matter what.

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Parts were available at least. I tried to remove the stud but first try was off center, second I tacked it up and filed it to try and get a clean center point, went off center again and broke the bit, tried welding a bolt on but I am shit at welding. Not enough of a jew anymore to bother when surprising the new impeller shaft was only like $43, it was a blind hole anyway so even if I drilled it out I might've not been able to clear out the chips. At least it looks like it was a right hand thread bolt, because I always end up shitting myself if I really start pulling hard and the thought pops into my head that it might be left hand threaded.
Just reinforces my want of a lathe and mill, nothing worse than tools being the main factor of being unable to accomplish something

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I've been working on this 1970s Italian espresso machine. Gaskets and shit were rotten and the base was rusted and shit.

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All the parts polished and the base sprayed

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Assembly finished.

Sadly, the heating element seems to short as the terminals are a bit shady. I found a tutorial online with which I can hopefully fix it.

After that's done I'm going to send the group head to get it rechromed

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Now the garage door opener pulled it's gears off too. At least the parts are cheap.

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>press to pull
instruction unclear, dick stuck in ceiling fan.

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I am currently finishing the interior of this house.
I stripped it down to the point where only the outer walls were still standing and basically rebuild the house.

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Yes it was me, and how about i use a 12w adapter for a nichrome wire which i got out of a pen?i didnt go to study electronics when i had time, now im just old for courses, i dont want to waste money on things i dont really want,but if i could make it then its an achievement

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I’ve been on and off working on this marble piece as a gift for my mother. Parents have been “working” on the bathroom for ages and had excess marble for in-shower-wall shelf and bathroom threshold(?) so I asked and Dad didnt mind, so I’ve been carving the word “Mom” in it by goddamn hand for a few afternoons a month for like two years now. Keep in mind a few months of not touching it at all at some point in the last two years. I finally got some diamond abrasive dremel bits for it and it’s slowly progressing. Gonna take fuck load of time even with dremel and definitely not worth the time but will eventually finish it for my mother. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics.

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I would highly caution against using beryllium copper for your rails. When the projectile is accelerated down the rails, you will get arcing which will vaporize metal at the surface, putting toxic beryllium dust into the air.

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Today I Learned on DIY Reddit that only we Canadians refer to 'eavestroughs' correctly.

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