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Sorry for the crude sketch, I'm on a train.

Everything drawn is roughly proportional.
Red lines are my door/window (permanent fixtures, they take up quite a bit of space both length and width.)

Everything in blue - I.e my bed, desk and cabinets - are replaceable and movable.
The square in black lines is my current VR playspace (around 1.5x1m)


I was planning on getting a smaller desk, and removing half of my cabinets. How should I reorient my room for maximum possible VR space?

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Was thinking about something like this :

Move the desk to face the window at the bottom wall.
Get rid of half the cabinets, use the other 50% and seperate them to stand at each side of the wall perpendicular to my desk.

This would give me about 2.5x3m of VR space.

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What happened to your bed?

What about vertical space?

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