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I need to split some leather and I need to build something like this:

Except I'm not making belts so I need it about 15/20 centimeters (6/8 inches) wide.
Where do I find a cheap blade that's very sharp (or can be made very sharp), wide enough to fit the whole thing, but also sturdy enough to not break on me?
I was thinking some sort of replacement blade, but the ones for real leather splitters (pic related) cost more than $200 and I'm pretty broke so I'll go for the cheapest acceptable option.

I need to be able to purchase it from Italy (where I live).

Thank you very much in advance.

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What's your budget? 20-30 usd will get you a set of 3 double-sided thickness planer blades 13" long. Those things come very sharp and being carbide steel can be made even sharper.

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>What's your budget?
Around 10 bucks would be nice, but I can stretch it to around 20 if necessary.

I'll weigh all the options that people may mention ITT but your suggestion looks pretty good, and now I'm looking at similar blades and/or the possibility of just buying a single one.
Thank you very much.

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Go to home depot or lowes and look at the blades made for portable planers.
The blades are usually 12-13” wide.
Pictured are dewalt blades.
Others might work as well.

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Hey guise I got an idea!

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Oh Sorry, missed the italy bit.
Looks like the Italian for planer blades is “Pialla Lame”
Use Amazon or Ebay, or whatever the local equivalent of Home Depot is to find the widest ones that will work.

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Look up a stack cutter blade.

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Planer blades are my top choice at the moment, thank you very much.

>stack cutter blade
I've been looking but they all seem very expensive.
Is there a cheap kind I can look up?

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>Where do I find a cheap blade that's very sharp (or can be made very sharp), wide enough to fit the whole thing, but also sturdy enough to not break on me?
You can get smooth knife-edge band saw blades

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>smooth knife-edge band saw blades
Thank you but I'd prefer something stiff with no give at all, since I need the cut to be perfectly straight.
Also, I'm having a little trouble finding affordable straight ones that I can buy.

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I feel like that advice was referring to a band knife, which is actually what is used in modern large leatherworking endeavors, and WAAAAAAAAY out of your price range.

i would say plane iron, but planer blade is really a better option, as they are just fuck all handy to have around.

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are you a leather worker?

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Yeah, the planer blade is probably my best choice, thank you very much.

No, but I want to get into it and I ordered a basic tool kit and a bunch of leather scraps to practice because and it's much cheaper to split those into layers than to buy pre-split leather.
It hasn't arrived yet, so I'll decide what to do when I actually see it and actually try to work it.

Are you into leather?

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i wanted to ask someone who is how hard it is to work with it and also if someone can make this shoe for me/tell me how to make it myself

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Use a cheap machete

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