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What are some multi-tools that aren't terrible but also don't cost a fortune?

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I use a Leatherman. Fits right on the belt and usually cost anywhere from $30 to $100. It has saved my ass in many situations.

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Thanks anon! I'll definitely look into it.

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Victorinox swisstool spirit

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Pic related. Has only the essentials instead of 9001 tools and functions you'll never use. Lightweight, too.

Knife, pliers, screwdriver, wire cutters, bottle opener. Done.

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Honestly the Leatherman Wingman. It's good, cheap(around $70) and reliable.

I don't understand how some fellas could buy $400 5.56mm specialized multitools then lose them. I'd go fucking insane.

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>paying 70$ for a wingman

They are $30 and routinely go on sale for $20. And they arent even worth that.

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Ganzo and Gerber are amazing if you are on budget.
I accidentally ordered two G202, tolerances aren't as good as leatherman, one of them was a bit harder to get tools out, it's fine now after some use and wire cutters weren't as sharp but for 15$, it's amazing.
There are also higher end ones which are more competitive against leatherman, just depends on what your budget is.

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have this, can confirm it's solid despite not having the name "leatherman"

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>despite not...leatherman
the Victorinox is literally better than Leatherman
I have several of both (i keep them all over the place in various tool bags) & the victorinox quality is superior to even my charge tti. if you want one-handed opening though, leatherman is the ticket.

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I’ve had multiple multi-tools, from Leatherman,SOG,Gerber etc. I’d recommend the SOG Power assist. Super legit needle nose and strong cutters that will cut through Plummer’s tape with ease. They could improve some of the ergo but for $60 bones it’s a bang for your buck. Oh and the knives on it are spring assisted. Cool feature but it has its draw backs.

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That Gerber in your pic is my go to nowadays. They're only about $30, and the only problem I have with them is the sheaths are so cheap the velcro wears out and they fall out.

I just buy a phone pouch with an appropriate sized tool pocket to hold the Gerber.

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>tool question during american business hours
Go work at Starbucks and leave me the fuck alone.

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Yeah but my tiny little baby hands alcant fully wrap around the handle when the pliers are open, there are zero ergonomics for that

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I have owned a Swisstool, a Gerber and a Leatherman and the Swisstool is definitely the best of the bunch.

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