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any tips on how to do it?

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just buy a cheap ass wood lathe.

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there's being a buy fag, and then there's stupidity.

just buy a lathe.

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Here is one you can make. Will post the other parts of the plans if interested. I also have one that is made from black pipe.

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Lathe made from black pipe.

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How about you sell me it instead of butchering a perfectly good machine, you piece of shit

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There isnt enough there to make a lathe out of. You technically could make a lathe out of an icecream cone, so drop whatever bullshit argument you were about to come up with. That thing would the the worst, weakest, must inaccurate lathe known to man.

also this >>1727389

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Decent troll, OP. Even though it's painfully obvious, you managed to snag a few newfags, or maybe they're just idiots.

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cheap? maybe in the us, not in the shithole i live in
thank you very much anon
dear lord, you guys are worse than a sething tranny. the pic related is only ilustrative, i only have the table and the motor gathering dust and rust, the machine is not working anymore you dumbfucks

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I am interested, please post more

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>cheap? maybe in the us, not in the shithole i live in
If you can't afford a lathe, then I highly doubt you will have the skill, money, and parts to make a lathe.

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yes i can afford a lathe, no, im no going to spend money in a overpriced imported lathe. yes i got and can afford other materials to try to make one and gave some use to a motor that its just there gathering dust. i only want a little wood lathe not a fucking cnc lathe. if you cant be helpful like the only anon that gave me an answer, why the fuck are you in a fucking DIY board?

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first off you come here and want to turn something in to something it is not.

second you obviously have not researched the prices of lathes.

You gave no hint of what size lathe.

but let me google that for you.



there you go, 2 very affordable wood lathes. if you can't afford those, then you absolutely will not be able to afford to build one, because it will cost more.

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also if you really want help to build a lathe ANY other DIY forum would be where to go, rather than 4chan. only trolls and also trolls come here.

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>first off you come here and want to turn something in to something it is not
Ok based retard. first of all you didnt even read the post tittle, i didnt want to turn a sewing machine into a lathe but its motor and table. admit that you get all wrong from the begining.

>second you obviously have not researched the prices of lathes.
did you even read? im not from the u.s. i cant even buy that abroad because my fucking country custom's laws. thats why all imported things here are OVERPRICED.

>also if you really want help to build a lathe ANY other DIY forum would be where to go, rather than 4chan. only trolls and also trolls come here.
yes, i found dead posts with useful info. but i though i can have some tips from actual people like the anon who actually cared. you complain a out trolls but you are here in a DIY board just to reply "just buy it lol"

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Here ya go pajeet
fuck off now k bai

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rage harder and poo in loo.

you are fucking moron, you don't need plans to build a wood lathe, that is the simplest form of lathe. hell you don't even need a motor just a pedal.

if you had brain one you would just go on to you tube and look at simple wood lathes and then build that from example. but no you come here and rage hard.

I call bullshit on your country, what country are you in pajeet?

check out your fellow pajeet "mr deswal" on youtube he shows how to make crappy tools out of other crappy tools.

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Why not just sell the sewing machine to someone that needs it, and use the money to buy a used wood lathe off craigslist. You'll be money and time ahead. Hell that sewing machine is probably worth more to someone in working condition than a shitty wood lathe is, so you could possibly make money on the deal too.

The best part is you won't end up with a shitty, mouth-breathing, homebrew wood lathe that looks like ass and sucks at life. Cause if you need instruction spoon fed to you on how to build one then obviously it is going to be a fucking joke.

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Part 2 of plans

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Part 6

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Part 7

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Part 8 drive centers

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Part 9 Face plate. Final image

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delusional mutts are delusional, i dont expect you to know something outside the u.s. even if i tell where im from you cant even point it on a map, so fuck off.

now this is very helpful, actual images with materials and measurements better than going pausing a video every 10 secs like some trolls on this board pretend.
thank you very much kind anon

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> i dont expect you to know something outside the u.s. even if i tell where im from you cant even point it on a map, so fuck off

Good point, nobody gives a fuck about irrelevant shitholes where the occupants are too poor and too stupid to build something so basic.

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>Calls someone delusional... Can't even build the most basic of lathes.

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Chill dude, he is on DIY and he is doing it right. He is only asking for tips and you come here only to act like a dick. Is your self-esteem so low that you need to insult others? Jesus, go on /b/ or get a life.

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Look up a brother overlock industrial sewing machine on e-bay.

Worth anywhere from $500-1000 bucks.

Look up wood lathe in same price range. Tell me he is "doing it right"

Some things make sense to tear down and rebuild into something else, some things do not.

If he said, hey I found this washing machine on the side of the road and want to use it to diy a wood lathe I'd be fine with that. He wants to destroy a fine piece of equipment to build a wood lathe of questionable quality. Not ok.

That's like tearing up a fine rifle scope, or a quality camera to take the lens out of it and use it as a magnifying lens to burn ants. Fucking retarded.

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too bad you can't afford the parts and pieces.

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Not everybody lives in the US. I seriously doubt a person in a third world country can sell the table and motor from a vintage sewing machine for $500-1000 or buy a wood lathe for that price.

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what have we learned from this? never try.

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He has internet access, so apparently he lives in the middle of fucking Uganda in a tropical rain forest and can only communicates with tongue clicks and pops.

Seriously there has to be some kind of local online advertising/classifieds section he can go to and at least browse for a while. Facebook and Craigslist are what are popular where I am from.

Absolute worst case scenario, find another motor to salvage off of something... A washing machine, an old worn out grain auger, a fucked up treadmill. Hell if the treadmill doesn't have a motor anymore just put some little niglet on it and whip him until he runs and have that power your wood lathe.

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OP anon, what country are you even from?

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Maybe in USA you can sell it to this price (maybe some hipster would buy it idk) but in other places like France or UK, it costs nothing. Nobody wants to buy such garbage.

Now this guy wants to make a lathe, well why not, if he wants to. He is not asking how to sell a sewing machine and what lathe to buy with the money. He is looking for tips to make one. I understand your point of view, and I agree with you conclusion. But hey, this is DIY, so lets help him to make a lathe. Who cares it sucks? At the end, as long as he has some fun making one, that's all right.

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I do not know if this guy can sell it at the place he lives, but I would go for a washing machine motor since it is powerful enough.

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OP's panties knotted up and he ran off.

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>what have we learned from this? never try.
>Now this guy wants to make a lathe, well why not

OP has proven that he does not have the resources to do what he is trying to do.
The best course of action in this case is to do nothing at all, wait until you do have the resources.

"Just try" and "Why the hell not" when the idea is half baked is how you end up wasting time and money and resources. You wont learn anything from it, there is very few positives out of this when.

This is a textbook example of opportunity loss.

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