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how do cope with being a poor toollet?

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You shop at Harbor Freight like the rest of us

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Or buy bosch and brag how mafell and festool use the same system.

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Spend all your money on tools and ignore the stuff that should be top priority.

My cable may be shut off for late payments, but check out my Knipex!

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>paying for cable in 2019
>paying for a landline phone that will only receive calls from pajeets trying to scam you or people asking you for money in 2019

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Stop buying food and buy tools.

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By not donating money to other people by falling for the memecoin meme
and this >>1727009

Also if your tools are not making you money or saving you money then you are buying the wrong tools.

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Cable, yes, because I like my internet and DVR and HBO. Land line? No. Two cell phones is good enough for me.

>not saving you money
I was just saying something like that to a friend of mine. If you do one brake job on your car, after parts, you saved enough money in shop costs to pay for the jack, stands, and wrench set you need to do the job.

This too

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check your local makerspace. get membership


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>tfw the pain of trying to cut a thick aluminium section with a tiny shitty hacksaw

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