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It was my grandfather's.

The steel (?) roller parts are okay, but there are rusty parts (I don't know what material they are).


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Literally just disassemble and restore everything. Watch restoration videos on YouTube for general guidance on what to do.

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Well, yes, but what products do I use to remove the paint, for example?

Gee, I thought the DIY board would be able to give ADVICE on HOW TO DO things.

Thanks for nothing.

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Fuck you. This is why I don't post on /diy/.

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>Hey /g/
>How do I come up with an idea for an app that'll make me a billionaire
>Fuck you guys
>I thought you liked tech

Ask how to do a specific task, not a group of disparate tasks. Right now you sound like you use your toes to count and can't make i past 4.

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alright, faggot; I'm in a decent mood so here you go. that looks like enamel paint, but regardless of whether it is or isn't, you can remove it by media blasting the painted areas. if you want to remove the paint without damaging the underlying surface, use walnut hulls instead of sand. do you have any specific questions aside from that one? Keep in mind, if you come back with more of that whiny bullshit we'll all ridicule you mercilessly; I'm hard-pressed not to, as it is.

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>Do It Yourself
You came here with "hey guys, do all the research for me. Now. Fucking waaaaaitiiiiing...

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Given that I don't have power tools, can I try to remove the paint with some turpentine or sand paper?

Now the real problem is the rust on the whatever metal it has rusted. Is there a way to remove that without power tools?

Thank you.

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Here's how you do it:

1) take it appart
2) clean all the parts
3) put it back together
4) stop being a bitch

This short tutorial brought to you by the number: fuck you!

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you're on the naughty list, ho ho ho! sort your shit out son.

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Mods should just POS like you. Go back to POS and masturbate over your orange god.

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>Gee, I thought the DIY board would be able to give ADVICE on HOW TO DO things.
I'm only here to see what people have been making and their WIP. I'm not here to help people do google searches. I actually had to make a crank for my pasta roller/cutter, though I need to whittle out a larger handle section sometime.

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>Given that I don't have power tools,

The DIY you need to do is get a job so you can buy the tools you need, you worthless piece of shit. GTFO of here with that "can I wish the paint off with crystals?"

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>Given that I don't have power tools, can I try to remove the paint with some turpentine or sand paper?

Oh? No power tools? No problem. You just take it apart and swallow each piece. The acids in your stomach coupled with the manual manipulation of your stomach trying to digest it will clean all the old paint off and prepare the surface for a new finish. Who ever finds your body will end up with one nice, sparkling, pasta maker.

You really should die though. This thread and your lack of any capability are enough reason. Your attitude is just icing on the cake.

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>your lack of any capability
Says the man who relies on machines to do all the work.

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Just use paint remover and follow the directions on the can. No power tools needed.

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what the flying assrape are you even on about, son? mods don't give a fuck about shit like that here, that's just bantz. you seem lost, whatever brought you to 4chan(nel)?
>o-o-orange m-man
the fuck does that faggotry have to do with anything ITT? stop spewing political vitriol here, there's a containment board for that. maybe you'd be more comfortable over on >>>/pol/ -- yeah, they'll love you.

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>Says the man who relies on machines to do all the work.

38yo neet: the post.

This isn't artisanal vape coil winding. Restoration work done by hand is inferior to using power tools in every way. This is a simple task and it's too much for you. Maybe you should stick with flipping light switches and grunting for tendies?

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>steel (?) roller parts are okay
that's stainless steel

>there are rusty parts (I don't know what material they are)

uhh that's steel. steel rusts

>what products do I use to remove the paint

paint stripper and putty knife, abrasive

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so many projections.

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thank you!

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I understood that reference

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>aaaaaay how do I-a clean-a da familia pasta machine-a?
>whadayou mean-a I gotta do-a work-a, fucking trolls

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How far'd you get on that restoration, dawg?

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I'll keep you posted, mon amie.

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itt: op's a bitch and gets called out for being the bitch that he is like a bitch.

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>Restoration work done by hand is inferior to using power tools in every way
You've never done restoration before have you? If you tried then you did it wrong and fucked it up. You are probably confusing "restoration" with "fixing this shit."

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Every day I come to this board and whiny little fucktards ask how to do things that they can find with google or on youtube. they all want an answer that involves zero work.

See son /diy/ means Do It Yourself. That means that you figure it out, google it, youtube it, try things, and then when nothing else works you ask here, but don't expect any real help this is a troll board.

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Efforts still at 0%. More at 11.

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>You've never done restoration before have you? If you tried then you did it wrong and fucked it up. You are probably confusing "restoration" with "fixing this shit."

If you're removing rust with anything besides a needler or electrolysis, you're doing it wrong.
If you're not using a media blaster to prep for finish, you're doing it wrong.
If you're "hand milling" bearing seats and other reference points, you're doing it wrong.

Get the fuck out of here with that hand rubbed restoration bull fuck. We have power tools for a reason. Don't do retard shit with a Dremel, but don't ignore the right tools for the job.

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dude have you never heard of evaporust? that shit works great. no special equipment needed, non toxic.

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Evaporust is great on table saw tops that get patina or rust spots. Try to clean a brake rotor with it. Hint: It does not end well.

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I used it recently to clean a completely rusted small engine muffler, it worked perfectly, it just needs to sit longer and every once in a while take it out and scrub it with a wire brush.

I restored an old axe head with it.

It does wonders to remove rust from bolts.

watch hand tool rescue he uses it all the time.

I'm trying to figure out what it is made of to recreate it, currently I think it is EDTA

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I took it apart already, kinda... There is some dark grease inside of the rollers and I don't want to get dirty nor do I have new grease to put it or know how to clean the old one.... so.... I will remove the rust and give it a clean up and prolly call it a day

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Do you really belive this? lol Also don't you know that a Dremel is a power tool too? lol Holy fuck. lol

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>Try to clean a brake rotor with it
If your brake rotor has so much rust that you need a fucking power needler to work on it then you should probably buy a new brake rotor.

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>I'm going to act like a bitch and then be surprised when people treat me like a bitch!

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With enough flour anything can go through it without a problem, fyi.

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>I don't want to get dirty
Won't you please, please get off the computer and go masturbate or something that doesn't involve posting these obnoxious shit?


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YouTube Hand tool rescue. You'll at least enjoy the asmr

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Tell me, then. What kind of grease would be used in a thing like that and how can I clean it to replace.

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search engine: removing grease
search engine: cleaning greasy parts
search engine: food-safe grease

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I like this stuff here.

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Sure, for smooth stuff it works fine. Use it on a brake rotor and get back to me. The circumference edge of the rotor is rough and you'd have to leave it in there for days to get it to touch it. I tried and at 3 days I switched to electrolysis and was done in an hour.

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>I took it apart already, kinda...

Day 2: Efforts at 1%.

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>Also don't you know that a Dremel is a power tool too? lol Holy fuck. lol

Goddamn you're a single helix mother fucker. I'm saying use the right tool for the job and it's rarely a Dremel.

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>If your brake rotor has so much rust that you need a fucking power needler to work on it then you should probably buy a new brake rotor.

You don't see many brake rotors, do you?

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oh sorry man you got the wrong place. this is /diy/ you need to be in /tmhtb/ for teach me how to breath because youre such a fucking dumbass you dont deserve to live

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is this true?

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Imitation crab meat and soft scotch bright should help remove the rust.

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I have been able to determine the paint can be removed with sand paper. What kind of paint do you guys recommend as a substitute? I mean in terms of material. Thanks

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Alcohol is not a good solvent for grease. Soap or 409 or baking soda or wd40, gasoline or kerosene all sound better to me. Alcohol is the last thing i would use.

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Don't use a power tool for restoration. Use hand tools or you'll fuck it up.

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Poor redneck much?

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>Please mill this bearing pocket square by hand

ok boomer.

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Anon, you don't know what the word "RESTORE" means.

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Stay poor and mad.

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Spotted the pantifa pallet worshiper.

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Pull it apart and get the parts profesionally sandblasted, then use enamel paint. The kind meant for car engines should be fine.

Not sure if you could or need to replace bearings, but at least regrease any parts that had it.

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Was gonna talk some shit, but seems others have filled that role already.. Here's some real advice for you, OP.

You need someone to help you. If you want to use the pasta maker, and know how to fix it yourself, you need help. You obviously have no idea what you're doing (can't even identify the material it's made of), and want the job done right.
Here's your answer: Pay someone to fix it, and watch them the whole time so that you learn how to do it yourself. If you're too broke to afford paying someone else, then you're too broke to afford attempting this yourself with your extremely limited knowledge and experience, because you can (and will) fuck it up in the process. I've been in your place before, trust me on this. Pay someone to do it, learn from them.

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Hed get pretty far just watching pretty much any episode of hand tool rescue. Disassemble thing, remove gears, strip paint, soak in evaporust, repaint, reassemble and grease.

Possibly fix/replace major pieces in there somewhere

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True.. but OP doesn't seem like he has any of the skills required to do that. Skills being general concentration, plus ability to figure anything out. Zoomer condition.

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Did anyone tell him old ass industrial red paint is often lead based?

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This thing is stuck. How can I release it? Thanks.

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I imagine it is, yes. Don't worry.

>> No.1723207

or, barring that, ask for specific advice based on people’s prior experience, and/or products based on people’s prior experience.

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Stick your dick in there and turn.

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No, dude. I want to be able to release it so I can clean and put it back together. How can I do that?

>> No.1723237

Oh, sorry. Try penetrating cyanoacryltate.

>> No.1723240

Why does it matter? You're just going to use spray paint.

>> No.1723243

You're not going to be able to get this assembled again, and the pile of pieces are going to sit in the corner for years as your memory of your grandpa, and the dreams of making noodles, haunts you.
And you deserve every bit of that pain and anguish.

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>Gee, I thought the DIY board would be able to give ADVICE on HOW TO DO things.

That's exactly what he did, faggot.

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>This thing is stuck. How can I release it?
>This thing
There are eight 'things' in that pic.
>casting, three gears, four shafts
which 'thing' is stuck?

>> No.1723259

I will and I will made delicious pasta with it.

>> No.1723261

>which 'thing' is stuck?
the little spiky wheels are stuck on the cylinders. I guess the grease has solidified (?)

And so I can't release the cylinders to clean them.

>> No.1723263

pry gently on two sides (at the same time) of the spiky wheels
if they refuse to come off, the cylinders may need to be filed a little around the edge where the spiky wheels fit over them - just enough to take off any burrs

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Is there any chance I can resolve that with a lighter, so it melts whatever is stuck?

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>any chance I can resolve that with a lighter,

set your oven to 300° F
place that side in the oven for fifteen minutes
wear gloves while removing and working on the parts

Or, just try prying it apart as directed.

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>so it melts whatever is stuck?
solvent melts old grease

>> No.1723290

the oven... now that's a great idea. thank you

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I baked it in the oven until it started to smoke and some grease melted, but the parts are still stuck. I don't know what to do with this....

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Thats not spray paint. I think that is red jappaning.
Best not to remove the red jappaning. Just leave the bare metal- bare and leave the remaining red jappaing alone. Work on the spaces on the rollers that are rusted with sand paper. Then clean the rollers with hot soapy water with some nylon briushes.
Don't use any chemicals that you would not want in your pasta. Use dish soap to clean the grime and grease.
Also get some food grade gear grease, to coat the inner gears. Finaly, spray some PAM on the rollers to avoid further rust. Then make some fucking pasta and post and update!

Here is some info on jappaning:

>> No.1723788

Don't worry, I've been cleaning the rust with bicarbonate of sodium and vinegar.

The thing that's irritating me is how I can't get the spiky things unstuck from the rollers, and I can't clean them like that.

>> No.1723790

Send it to my mechanics on youtube

He does very good restorations including milling new metal parts when needed.

>> No.1723800

don't take the spikey things called "gears" off. Just clean them as is, scrap off the grease, put new food grade grease, and be done with it. Member, those gears don't touch the pasta. And since it's family owned, you know its' history: ie, no one jammed their cock in there.

>> No.1723802

Spikey things are dangerous. You need to round them off.

>> No.1723941

>I don't know what to do with this....
did you pry up on them as I suggested >>1723263
of did you just jump straight to your own idea of heating them?

Don't answer. I don't want to know and no longer care.
y o u - a r e - h e l p l e s s - a n d - h o p e l e s s

>> No.1723964

>no one jammed their cock in there
You don't know his grandfather.

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>I don't want to get dirty
7/10, but I feel like you're just a stupid fuck with limp wrists. Hell I'm a literal faggot but you're a turbo faggot plus who has to tell absolutely everyone at the local pride parade and then some. Grow a pair, get to work. Soap was invented for a reason. What the fuck is it with zoomer shitheads...?

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Do an electrolysis to remove rust. Afterwards keep it well oiled with food oils and out of humidity areas

>> No.1724710

Get off /diy/ and go be with your family you fuck.

>> No.1724762

>Hey /biz/
>How do I become a billionaire fast and easy?
>use your life savings to buy as much [shitcoin] as possible

>> No.1724770

Based /biz

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>Don't worry, I've been cleaning the rust with bicarbonate of sodium and vinegar.

This is my favourite DIY meme. Bicarb and vinegar fixes EVERYTHING I tell you!!

>> No.1725136

Well, no one gave me any tip, so I DuckDuckGo it and the first article talked about sodium bicarbonate and vinegar. It has been pretty effective, although I had to to it multiple times and there are still some left.

Nevertheless, I'm more involved with the other components now. And wondering how will I clean the rollers without getting them out, which I can't because they are stuck.

>> No.1725137

I would like it, dude, but I'm Brazil and the shipping costs for this heavy little thing would cost more than buying a professional pasta maker, I imagine. Thank you, though.

>> No.1725138

Any manufacture markings or country of origin?

>> No.1725197

It's Italian, as was my grandfather.

>> No.1725204

Did he flee Italy with the Germans after WW2 to South America? ARE YOU HITLER'S GRANDCHILD??

>> No.1725400

Why the hell would you clean a brake rotor? They are self cleaning.

>> No.1725843

My folks did come after the war, but I doubt I’m related to Adolf...

>> No.1725852

Just use it like it is, it's fine

>> No.1726190

bump in hopes of an update

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>I doubt
Soooooo you're saying there's a chance.

>> No.1726282

THE CHOSEN ONE! Pastika when?

>> No.1726303

what a grade a prick hope you shit pasta machine falls apart , tight cunt should of bought a new one

>> No.1726849

sell it to some fucking collector. buy bitcoin from that money. while your bitcoin appreciates 1000x in value the cucked collector cleans and repairs it. you can buy that thing back with all your bitcoin gains easy. collector gets cucked twice and you are alpha

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