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So the girlfriend tossed my recent harbor freight flyer and the nice super coupons that were in it.

If someone has the most recent flyer, can you post a picture of the 99 dollar Apache 9800 gun case coupon? Can't find copies online and found no extra flyers in the store.

Thanks for any assistance

Also, harbor freight discussions - tools to buy, stay away from etc.

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There are harbor freight coupon apps and websites

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>having a girlfriend

theres your problem.

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ive tried to find it, but no luck on my end.

sometimes i wonder that too.

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hfqpdb DOT com

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I gotchu senpai

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You two are some lovely and fantastic people.

thank you!

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plz repay me with dick pics

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If I was not at work, you sure as shit would get that if that is your request lmao.

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Just give them coupon code: 11035110

They can type it in manually.

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Thanks for the code!

Normally the younger guys just punch in the code and life goes on. But some of the older workers like to take the coupon. Its weird.

Thanks you all for the assistance!

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I was joking. I dont want your old ass crusty dick pics grandpa

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Do people around here now know about hfqpdb.com ?

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>paying $99 for a box from China.

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Came here to post this.

Meh, those are actually nice considering Pelican boxes cost an arm and a leg. But when you compare the HF shit to similar Asian made products on Amazon or Home Depot, the pricing is about the same.

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Buy a Plano All Weather case for about the same price.
The Apache cases are garbage.

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The latches are cheap plastic shit that isnt going to last. Waste of money

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They’re that bad?

They aren’t exactly cheap, and they generally have good reviews (although I’m not sure if I trust the ratings on HF’s website).

I guess you always have to remember what HF and China are about... they don’t give a shit about their brand image and they’re all about saving a couple cents here and there, so even when you think a HF product is decent quality, you will eventually find out where they saved a couple shekels with enough use over time.

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Harbor freight is like ford bro. Its always truck month

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Don't listen to the cheap latches guy. They're fine, I have several of the 3800s I use for storing radio and camera gear for some time now. They've been holding up fine.

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not gay. btu I dont have a stupid girlfriend cause I dont want her upsetting my manly lifestyle of cleaning my house or throwing away my HF coupons like that previous cucked anon had happen. his ltemporary whore threw out his COUPONS! OH NOEZ! id slap a bitch over that shit. YOU DONT TOUCH MY COUPONS BITCH!

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The case is very nice, do get it.

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Here is next weeks ad.

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>18v cordless hammer

>mohel knife

fucking kek

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Jesus I can’t believe how hard I’m laughing at this shit, fucking carpenters dreidel and a hand powered chainsaw, some kind of gauge.

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These are comedy gold and abjectly terrifying, thanks anon

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Parking lot sales only used to be once or twice a year, now they seem to have them every 2-3 years. And every weekend they will have a sale from Fri-Sun, plus all the other coupons in their flyers and monthly emails. Pretty much every holiday like Labor Day and President’s Day will have a 25% off coupon on that Monday.

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>a hand powered chainsaw
You mean like picture related? Take a stiff drink before you google what it was used for.

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I like how their batteries are the same price regardless of size.

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So basically a doctor from that era was about as skilled and knowledgeable as a modern carpenter.

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Well... you only get 4x D cells for the price of 18x AAs.

I get the cheap ass yellow ones for free when they have coupons, they’re good for remote controls and stuff that isn’t demanding. I don’t think I have ever really used the orange ones, got this 9V pack on standby for something. If these blue ones are really as good as regular Duracells, I’ll be straight for the $5 price tag.

I have so many fucking batteries and most of my main battery powered devices are lithium rechargeable anyway.

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Just went to HF today and bought a Pittsburgh 22oz hammer for $11, looks almost identical to the Husky 22oz one thats 3x the price.

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Do you get a warranty as good as huskys?

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>buying a warranty for a clawhammer

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Lifetime warranty on both, but Home Depot has better hours and you don’t have to drive to the hood to replace it.

The Husky looks a little nicer, you can tell there’s a couple extra manufacturing steps. Husky 22oz is $23, Pitt is $12. Although the hammers and pry bars are like the HF breaker bars where other brands mark them up quite a bit for what you’re getting.

Wait and see, there might be something that pops up and you learn why it was half the price of the Home Depot model. Cutting out a couple quality control steps can save quite a bit of money over the thousands and thousands of hammers made in that batch.

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Dude, comedy gold right there.

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in4one bono glasses.

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>a doctor was as skilled and knowledgeable as a carpenter
They still are

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>missed out on $89 porta-bandsaw.
Kill me bros

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Most of you probably already know but I learned today that the Daytona 3ton jack is manufactured by the same company that makes the Snap-On one.

Apparently Snap-On lost a lawsuit over it or something.

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Just spend the $300 and get a real one from the red, yellow, or tortoise company that will last you a lifetime of hobbyist use.
The Bauer isnt shit in comparison.

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Garage Journal has a huge thread on it.
The pumps and internals are different, but they are similar and from the same factory.

Only the Yellow original is a good deal, the other cheaper models are not as good, regardless of the Daytona name they use.

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For future reference, this website kicks ass for HF coupons.


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You gotta read the fine print on them too. I believe the cheaper Daytona jacks come with the dogshit HF 90 day warranty on them, only the $200+ Super Duty model has the 3 year warranty. The $180 4-ton model is 90 days.

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toss your gf


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>thunderbolt magnum
fucking kek, it almost sounds like a store-brand soda

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The fucking wall charger for the 9.6v rechargeable dremel took a shit on me but the battery itself and the dremel still work. Do they sell just the wall charger separately?

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my fucking sides

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She did you a favor.

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Hell if i know dude.

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I doubt it, that’s exactly why you don’t buy anything electronic from HF if you expect it to last more than a couple jobs.

But it’s probably a charger that is common across a bunch of different Chinese devices. Look at the voltage and current on the charger, search on Amazon or ebay, find one with the same specs and connector.

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Which part crapped out? The wall transformer thing or the charging dock?

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Kinda want the pneumatic slide whistle