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Hey /diy/! Long-time lurker new time poster- just got an opportunity to practice some MIG welding. I learned stick in school, but this is my first time with MIG. Anyway, my bead seems to be clumping, I fucked around with different settings and shit, I can't seem to stop. Is it skill related? Is the piece I'm running bead on shit? Thanks in advance guys!

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Voltage up, wire speed down.

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dick around with your settings, I think whats his tits is on to something

more volts less speed.

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List all your settings (amperage, wire speed, everything)

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looks great man
hey, the pittman arm on my steering is broken
if you live near me I'll haul it over there so you can weld it for me
where's your shop

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more heat and less wire. what machine are you using? does it have a door chart? the charts are generally pretty close. close enough to get you going until you learn to make finer adjustments on your own.

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