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I took apart my sink pipes cause my sink plunger thingy got caught in the drain, and when i put it back it leaks.

i must commit suduko for dishonering my famiry.

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OK cya

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So take it apart again, but this time put it back together properly.

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you shoulda called me Ill clean your pipes for ya.

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If it's from the slipjoint washer just get rubber ones. Pop up strainers for bathroom sinks should get silicone between the black washer and the porcelain then tighten it up. On the p trap part without a washer wrap ptfe tape around the beveled part in the direction that slipjoint nut turns. If it's the pop up rod, there's a small plastic gas

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think of this as a learning experience. this is a positive thing. now fix it faggot

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Wrap threads with Teflon tape

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Don't feel bad. Took me 9 hours (2 days) & multiple floods to change the fill valve/toilet tank pieces

Failure can be motivating

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Is plumber's putty just a meme product? Why the fuck not use silicone and be done with it.

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Plumbers putty performs a better seal. Silicone is how a handy-man may do it, but if you want to do it like the pros do, just use plumbers putty between the popup-drain and the porcelain.

Silicone or dap is good for dapping around the sink/toilet, and that's it.

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There’s nothing wrong with silicone, it’s widely used in the plumbing industry over putty.

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Wrong. The thread are not what makes the seal

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>TFW anon forget to re-rubber cement /Teflon tape the pvc pipes/copper pipe respectively so they hold together and don't leak

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This is exactly why you don't ask /diy/ how to diy

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>rubber cement the threads
What the fuck am I reading

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