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Made this piece of furniture with my grandfather who was a carpenter at some point in his life using different pieces of wood i took at work.

What color can I paint this ? Also one of the doors is warped, is there a way to correct this ? ( the doors are made of thin shits of wood glued to each other with the grain running in opposite directions )

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The rest of my appartment for reference

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I would just oil it, I like the contrast of the mixed woods and minimal white.

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>he doors are made of thin shits of wood glued to each other with the grain running in opposite directions

Plywood, it's actually better than OSB.

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>the grain running in opposite directions
There's your problem, the grain should be running perpendicular to each other, as in commercially available plywood.

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Benjamin Moore Decorator White

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what oil should i use ? drawers are pine and i think the doors are also pine.

My appartment is already so fucking white/grey, i need some colors otherwise it will start to look like an hospital.

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I would normally suggest not to paint wood, but in your case, where the timber is all mis-matched, I would paint similar to pic related (small pic but best i could find)
I subtle distressed look could be cool too. Like lightly sanding off the colour around the edges and such.

As for the warped door, either get out the old no.4 stanley, or just make a new one. Not too difficult.

And finally, get some edging to cover up the ugly exposed chipboard on the benchtop. Or find a matching strip of wood to go around the entire benchtop.

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