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i have 3 sets of encyclopedias on my bookshelves. what can i repurpose them as? i was thinking secret compartment books since they are thick. maybe make book shelves from them. hold them dor when shtf and i can become lord of 1960's knowledge? other ideas?

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This is the first time I hear of someone thinking of "repurposing" a book. What about repurposing them as fucking books?

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Encyclopedias are pretty fucking worthless with the sum of human knowledge at everyone's fingertips

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yoo is that the fuckin jew merchant meme that i see in your picture?

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Sell them then, retard.

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To people who dont know about the internet?

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...how do you intend to build a shelf from encyclopedias? Honest question.

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rent free

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Tons of people collect encyclopedias

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Make a chest rig and turn each copy into a disposable armor plate. Thick books can stop a pistol round...sometimes.

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Lol there was that dumb fuck from MN who had his gf shoot him with .50 AE

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We have a lot of idiots up here. Few years ago a fella stuck a very large mortar style firework to a hard hat and lit it, killed him. Hope for his sake it was just the concussion that did him in and burns from the explosion.

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"donate" them to the "library" if you know what I mean

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Name one

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coat the pages in resin, binding the whole book together into a solid brick and cut them into bookends (or hammers or something, whatever)

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alright, IDK why I even have my trip enabled, but that's changing now

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fuck your image
i can only focus if its zoomed in
might be because my screen is too small

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>Your image is too small
>Posts an even smaller image

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What does the 1960's encyclopedia say about the holocaust? I'm genuinely curious.

Also if books of that size have no other value you can make book safes and sell them on etsy

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