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How do I get dried paint off wooden floor?

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oil or latex. Just a damp sponge and possibly some light coaxing with a plastic card.

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looks like latex shit. test in an inconspicuous place to make sure this does not hurt the floor finish, and try GoofOff or denatured alcohol, both of which can remove crap like that if it is latex.

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What kind of kinky floors do you have? Did you mean laminate?

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wut? I meant "that shit on the floor looks like latex paint". if that shit on the floor is latex paint, try goofoff or denatured alcohol in an inconspicuous place, like in a closet or behind a door, and if it does not hurt the floor finish, use it to remove the latex paint".

of course, I should have added, "do this first and it might work: >>1664716 "


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>he thinks he's responding to OP
whew lad

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First off, what an absolute shit job of painting.
Second, wet rag, covering a scraper blade(like the kind used for applying spackle) plus elbow grease.

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>First off, what an absolute shit job of painting.

the sheetrock says it's probably new construction. Who painted this, OP? Is this one of those "I'm as smart as a crackhead so I'll do some painting and save monies", or what?

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(if a contractor did an abortion like that you'd simply drag his ass in there and say "look at this you fucking double boot lipped nigger".

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explain the socks

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Have you ever heard of a "drop cloth" you dumb animal? If it's a sealed floor then you're in luck, scrape it and wash it off with a sponge and some soapy water. If unsealed wood then scrap it and go over it with a vacuum drywall sander with 120 grit then lightly with 200 grit or a 200 grit sanding sponge, although if it hasn't hardened then I doubt you'll have to do that. Dunno about oil based but if you used BIN you're shit out of luck and are gonna be in for some sanding.

Protip: In the future use a set up like pic related. Roll the roller on the screen until no paint drops are flinging off. Place roller directly in the center of the wall. Roll up halfway, then down halfway. Repeat again but roll the rest of the way up the wall. Now spread in "W" pattern across wall for 3 roller widths. Repeat on next part of wall, overlapping a roller width. Never press the roller, only let the weight of the roller do the work. Congrats you now know how to evenly cover a wall without getting paint drops everywhere and roller marks. I'm only telling to this because it's obvious that you don't know how, otherwise this never would have happened.

And for fucks sake, at least use a drop cloth where you pour paint and around the roller bucket. What I do is drag a 5 footer tarp around with the bucket so that the area I'm working on has a tarp. Usually by the time I move to the next section the paint is tacky enough to not drip. With edging, if you use a good brush and know what you're doing then you don't even need to tape or tarp. If you drip/drop a brush just have a wet rag on hand and wipe it off within an hour.

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This. Plastic scraper, then clean remainder.

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Wtf is wrong with you, dumbass? Use your fingernail, wet rag, and get a drop cloth from now on.

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Thanks guys. Pretty much just scraped it off plus used GoofOff here and there. Plus a steam mop. Reason for the shit job was someone threw away the screw for the mini-roller so it kept on flying everywhere despite the towels I had.

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Thanks OP. Confession is good for the soul.
Was alcohol involved ?

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