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The lighting in my apartment sucks. The living room doesn't even have a hard wired ceiling lamp. Currently it takes several reading lamps just to get the living room to a "moody" brightness let alone bright enough to have a conversation.

I want to try some sort of LED light strings, something modern and hopefully not shitty looking. Also, nothing from China. Any suggestions for good online LED stores? Not super impressed with what I found on Google.

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You mean like in the pic? Go to ikea, they have plenty of that.

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What is a "reading" lamp? Just put one of these in each corner and fit them with ultrabright leds

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paint your ceiling and walls white and get upward firing floor cone lamps. works well to bounce the light off the ceiling and around the room

put super bright led lights in them.

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IKEA in my town closed up shop like 15 years ago
I'd classify that as a reading lamp, something that illuminates a small space
Yeah that'd work, I kind of want that "modern bar" type feel though with the dangly edison bulbs. I just don't want it to look tacky.

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even just a website with good selection variety will do

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just get big panels. doesnt get easier than that

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Then go an to an ikea outside your town.

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This, or have them deliver to your apartment.

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