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How does 17,000 CFM for my 1400 sq foot house sound? I want a nice breeze at every window.

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>I can't heard you
>the noise is too loud

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that would evacuate your entire house roughly every minute.

go for it.

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Is that a Big Ass Fan?

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I use those at work... In mining. You'll be deaf in minutes without PPE.

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Is this a thing people do?

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not normal people.

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nigga you got some fucking high ceilings

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>whole house fan
>positive pressure everywhere
>hepa filter on intake
>wear a csi suit 24/7
house is literally dust free

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most attic fans exhaust through the attic.
open windows to let air in

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uhh you might want to re-think this idea OP

I got hold of an old restaurant hood fan that I think was 15000 cfms , we put it on a sky light that fit the sheet metal footing and sorta screwed it into the skylight sill and then used silicone sealant around the base wood to keep what we thought would be bugs out,
when this turned it first would squeal until the belt warmed up then the fan would start turning,, the air flow was near tornado force anything near windows or the doors was airborne , you could literally hear the air screaming by your ears ..we had propped all the doors open because they would slam shut , then the lamps in becky's room tipped hitting her cockatiels cage knocking it off it stand so now the birds are freaking out trying to fly against the air flow in the hall way and losing I am screaming shut it off shut is off thinking they are gonna get turned into confetti when frank slams the front door which then makes the sliding glass door the only large way the air flow can travel now ,giving the birds a second to fly into the main bathroom where they get trapped ..then we hear a crash the glass door had gotten sucked in until it came out of its track and tipped into the kitchen table , it probably wouldn't have happened if it had been open completely while all this is going on , flies and other insects are being sucked into the house and the being sucked up into the fan.. you can see them like tumbling thru the air on their way to a grisly death
so long story even longer ,it was a fantastic idea , just badly executed the first time around

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How are you so fucking bad at punctuation?

Is this some sort of new meme?

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Avoid belt driven and get a direct drive.

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way too big, but whole-house fans are elite

obviously you're going to want windows with bug screens

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At least you won't need a vacuum cleaner, just put cyclone filter on exhaust

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Yes, my friends parents had one. Dad was too cheap for AC so they would turn fan on at night and it would make a nice breeze and cool the house down. Problem was it was so fucking loud you couldn't sleep. So it was either trying to sleep with a jet engine going off or trying to sleep in a pool of sweat.

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>pull in moist outside air in a half assed attempt at evaporative cooling instead of just conditioning the air.
typical diy. use the least elegant possible "solution"

also, belt driven axial fans are probably the worst possible option with regards to noise. and where would you even mount it in a house? by the time you order custom sheetmetal to connect to the flanges and a VFD to control the thing youve probably bought a few AC

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Just put that in some far room or in the attic and piped to an outlet. Then the noise is elsewhere. It'd only be really loud of only 1 window was open.

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>where would you even mount it in a house?
In the attic above a hallway near the center of the house.
Louvers in the ceiling open when it's turned on and close again when it's off.
It exhausts through the attic soffit or gable vents. (almost always gable vents)

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Regular residential housing is horrible ill-suited to handling even tiny pressure differences. You might end up blowing out a corner or popping windows/roof off.

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Your pic reminds of a co-worker who in his spare time always came up with wacky contraptions, like a motorized lazyboy, chainsaw assisted bicycle etc.
Well one week he didn't show up to work for 3 days. Then after he got back he was bit rough looking. Finally the word of his latest venture got around:

He had bought a used paraglider backpack motor and propeller. After he got it running again, he strapped the thing to his back for some fucking reason (probably "testing") on his backyard and started it up. Well the throttle was still wide open and he hadn't put the return spring back on. He was immediately slammed on his face on the lawn and knocked out for a short while.
When he came to he was pinned to the ground by the weight of the rig and the thrust it generated. He had to wait until the damn thing ran out of fuel. After that he went to the hospital to get patched up and stayed there for monitoring for 2 days due to LOC and head trauma.

He is the only person i know who has had quadruple bypass surgery at age 40, he wasn't fat but his diet was..."eccentric", Salt was probably the main culprit.

God bless all the crazies.

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This could work if you somehow brought in cool air from close to the ground. Instal intake vents either at the sil in the basement or crawlspace, somewhere by the foundation to let air in and somehow put a filter in to catch debri and moisture. Then instal vents leading to the basement/crawl. You'd suck relatively cool air from the outside near the ground into a cool basement/crawl cooling it even more and up into the 1st floor rooms and finally into the attic.

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>where would you even mount it in a house?
if you bothered to read anon's description of the comedy that was the ridiculous DYI event
he said they installed it over an existing skylight .

>by the time you order custom sheetmetal
also in the description it had a sheet metal base attached to it they screwed into the skylight frame.

and from anon's description , I don't believe that noise or other factors were considered.
Since the last sentence of his story is
> " fantastic idea , just badly executed the first time around "

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>least elegant possible "solution"
that usually indicate lack of money,

and why redneck engineering and d.i.y. have so much in common, I mean just look at the shit that is on youtube:
redneck human slingshot
and redneck roller coaster

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Grandfather installed one of those in the house he built by hand in the '30s. Would leave the cellar windows open to draw cool air from ground level. There was a nice gentle breeze coming up the stairs. Fan noise wasn't too bad, my aunts & uncles actually liked the white noise when going to sleep.

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Ah yes salt, known for its artery clogging potential. Good story though.

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I use these, they are way quieter, can easily mount in a window if you build a frame (instead of having to cut a hole in house) work off standard 120, usualy have 3 speeds, and can be found used for dirt from HVAC places

Leno's garage fan?

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I thought those ran off 220? I'm pretty sure mine is, I was just under the house looking at it.

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>I thought those ran off 220?
-not that anon, but-
It's a pic of the air handler from a system.
Usually part of the furnace/ac evaporator package.
It's usually installed inside the dwelling/business.
In the USA, almost all residential furnace blowers are 120vac.
If yours is 220v it probably came out of a 'package unit' where the entire system is outside and the air ducts to and from the house connect to the 'package'

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Looks like it came out of a 1985 - 1995 Carrier furnace.

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Buy a used attic fan or big water cooler and gut the water part

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Fun story.

>dad has a bro
>worked an extra 5 years to retirement for materials to build a fucking mansion
>decade later we go check it out. >mutherfucker is massive
>he put some sort of industrial fan with 10 foot blades in the attic and used plastic pipe to make the worlds most epic shitter fan
>tells us he turned it on the first time and almost died. Took 5 months and like 15k to repair
>dude didn't account for just how little that fan gives a fuck.
>suction ripped his fucking ceiling off.

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Wtf for? Ag lime?

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>he put some sort of industrial fan with 10 foot blades in the attic and used plastic pipe to make the worlds most epic shitter fan
lol. Was he trying to suck bathroom air through a 4 inch vent pipe or what? That's goddam hilarious.

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Over consumption of salt causes hypertension
-> hypertension causes arterial malformations and scarring, these abnormalities then cause turbulence in flow and collect cholesterol plaque.

What? Did you actually think a substance that the body constantly makes and consumes in huge amounts would be the underlying cause for arterial clogging? LOL. Keep buying "low fat" products, smoothbrain.

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My fucking sides

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Thats why house fan uses extremely quiet metal gears.

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Fuck that guy sounds like me. I built an electric driven gas powered push mower. Figued i could mow and also build one of those 55gallon drum trains and pull the kids around. I hit the gas and it popped a wheelie and knocked a basketball sized hole in the garage door. Then i let a biddy try it and i have 2 giant dents in my otherwize great shape 85 chevy.

I didnt take into consideration most electric wheelchairs at minimum are good for up to a 350 pound person and also the heavy ass chair.

Got 2 more motors and a big motor to power an 4x4 electric john deere deck once i figure out how the hell to program it to not bulldoze random rocks, car tires, and people.

I guess i could just make it a really inefficient yard roomba with a bumper switch. Its a big yard bit fenced in so it cant terrorize innocent people driving down the highway.

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this... my parents had one when growing up and you couldnt hear a thing everytime it was used

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Haha i installed one of these a few weeks ago in someone's house
I opened the box and the owner was.like damn that's a big ass fan
I said literally yes it is. That's the brand name

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>He had to wait until the damn thing ran out of fuel

My fucking sides, well at least it didn't catch on fire or throw the rod through the block covering him in boiling oil. Those small engines can get kind of 'exciting' under load for long periods, I've seen something similar happen to a 2 stroke bike engine someone (NOT ME!) forgot to put a return to idle spring on their carburettor and to say that it ran like a raped ape was a bit of an understatement.
God damn it was loud

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we have them at work, they're a fucking godsend.

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>>whole house fan
>>positive pressure everywhere
>>hepa filter on intake
>>wear a csi suit 24/7
>house is literally dust free
I'm thinking of having an intake fan in a room with computers so there's no dust.
Any leads on what I should look at?

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ok, so you want an evaporative cooler.

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No where in OP's post did he mention anything about having an evaporative media. Did you just want to use an impressive sounding word you learned on /diy/?

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be careful bro. you know what happend last time. also need this for my pc.

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as someone who does this sort of shit.... dust. fucking dust everywhere. your doors and windows will become dust filters. i have a heat pump with some extra fancy exhaust fans and ducting so i can keep the air fresh. fucking dust on all of it. make sure you go super duty with air filters double triple and quadruple them with every chance you get. the atmosphere is filled with little particles and shit. when air moves across surfaces it picks up electric charge and this carries more dust. i go through central air filters about 2 per month.

so long story short, if you can filter the air, and dont mind the extra power consumption cost, you will be one happy fresh air breathing motherfucker

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I got one just like pick but no idea how the fuck to wire it

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Roughly 6' diameter with a flappy gate in the ceiling.

Cannot. Contain. The power.

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It's funny as fuck. He showed us pics.

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They say it doesnt work for fuckall. We tried in an electrical room but probably had to many leaks and undersized fan

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shit stain, and evaporative cooler will do the job, you don't have to use the water moron.

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> just badly executed the first time around
how many more times did it take ?
please tell me there is more to this story
this shit is funny as fuck

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So an evaporative cooler without the evaporative media. Fucking genius why hasn't anyone else thought of using a fan to move air.

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You are dumb. It works perfectly, it's just loud.

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This was a joke.

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read motor wiring diagram, it's on the motor. may need to remove motor to read it. may be too old and beaten up too read, google motor model and find diagram online.
there's ground, neutral, and usually 1-3 other wires for the speeds. some have just one speed which is super easy to wire up. just match color for color. 2 or 3 speeds are also easy, just read on the motor which color is which speed.
green is almost always ground. white is almost always neutral. black/red/blue are the usual speed wires. red is lower speed because used in heating, blue is usually high speed because its used in cooling mode. black is usually lowest speed.
find the speed you want, wire it to old extension cord you don't mind cutting up. whatever wires you don't use (if applicable), cut at different lengths but keep it close to the motor so nothing is hanging out. use electrical tape around all unused cut wires.
you will then need to make a cover for the open side of the blower housing, as in the side that doesn't have the motor sticking out. without this, it will have far too little resistance when sucking in air. it will over heat and give out mediocre air pressure. cover a side and it forces air through one open side of it, greatly increase it's sucking power, keeping motor air cooled and better supply pressure. sheet metal is what I use when making these because it's always around the shop I work at.

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>black is usually lowest speed.
black is usually HI speed
blue is MED
red is LOW

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he mumbled with a mouth full of cock

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Me sucking dick doesn't change the fact that you're as pompous as a puffed up crow's cock

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you are quite the expert on cock.

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