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any hacks to make air conditioners work in casement sliding windows?

>> No.1645940

Break the window out.
Or just remove it.

>> No.1645945

Get a casement window air conditioner (or a portable and build a frame for the pipes). A/C units have compressors, which need to be upright in order to function correctly.

>> No.1645969

something so comfy about doing office remodels in those shitty old office buildings, going through those rooms and hallways that have been vacant for years just before it eventually gets gutted and rebuilt only to eventually become another available space for sale or lease

>> No.1645972

its the acoustics

>> No.1645973

arent portabe AC's like really shit for their price?

>> No.1645997

For this application, yes, very.

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This pic goes with the /x/ "backrooms" creepypasta.

>> No.1646200

Unless you have a rare use case (you have to move it) or one with two tubes then Yes. They are garbage bin 5k btu window ac for 3x or more the cost.

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