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We have a couple of lamps where the shade harp has broken off or is in the process of breaking off from the shade base.

The harps are painted white and I'm wondering if soldering will fix them. Not sure what kind of metal the harp is but it is attracted to a magnet.

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Getting enough heat to solder will burn the paint and you will have to paint them again. I'd try brazing them since that's a far better joint
That or JB Weld Epoxy.

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I figured brazing would ruin the paint even more than soldering. I'm not too worried about burning the paint. The way the harp sits in the lamp you really can't see it at all unless you look under or over the lamp shade.

I really just want to stop the lamp shades from moving back and forth when turning on/off the lamp.

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Just tack them

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Drill a hole and use a nut and bolt. Neat, very strong and easy.

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