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i want to build one of these bad boys. can you guys recommend me any more info on them? i have read the wikipedia article and watched some vids. i also found this site
are there any impotant thing i should keep in mind?

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Just buy a chinese one. They’re like $200 in the US... you could not build one that cheap.

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i in europe, everything that moves is fucking expensive here

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Honestly, minibikes are super over rated. I had a bunch as a kid and had way more fun with pic related.

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Hey, I recognize that pic! It's from a 1960's Popular Mechanics!
Man, I used to fantasize about that thing.
I always used to wonder about the kid, and how come some kids' dads built stuff like that for them, while mine would have probably beaten me for bringing one home if I found it.

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get a moped you daft dickhead

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>OP wants to build one, cause well this is /DIY/
>suggests buying a moped, which isnt a mini bike as OP stated

go away buyfag

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